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Believe it or not, states like Florida and Iowa actually require live greyhound racing in order for other forms of gambling to exist.  This means the dogs are forced to suffer needlessly while the cruel racing industry is propped up. Many of these businesses would like to stop dog racing due to the decline in interest, but they are unable to do so within the current law. That is why we need your help now to pass greyhound decoupling.

GREY2K USA Worldwide is gearing up for the 2014 legislative season, and laying the groundwork for several important greyhound protection laws. Most notably, we expect greyhound decoupling to be debated in Iowa and Florida.

If greyhound decoupling passes, it will significantly reduce dog racing. That means that fewer greyhounds will endure lives of confinement and suffer injuries.

Please sign our online petition contacting Iowa Governor Terry Branstad and Florida Governor Rick Scott. Ask them to support greyhound decoupling. Specifically, tell them that greyhound racing is cruel and inhumane, and that businesses should not be forced to lose money on dog racing to offer other forms of betting.

Letter to
Florida Governor Rick Scott
Florida Governor
Iowa Governor Terry Branstad
Stop cruel dog racing mandates

The mandatory racing requirement forces greyhound tracks to offer live greyhound racing as a “loss leader” for other, more viable forms of gambling. This comes at a significant cost to both taxpayers and track operators, and conflicts with free market principles. It is also cruel and inhumane. Thousands of greyhounds endure lives of confinement at commercial racetracks and suffer serious injuries.

The state shouldn't force a business to lose money on one activity in order to make a profit on another. Greyhound decoupling is a common sense proposal that will help greyhounds.

Please support greyhound decoupling.

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