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Prosecuting this fraud would create billions of revenue for America, which would reduce our national and state deficits.   If only 7% of all large public companies are doing this fraud, it would amount to $3 Trillion. 

SEC and FFETF should STOP Raymond James $1 Billion purchase of Morgan Keegan with their $14.9 Billion Tax, Securities and Creditor Fraud.  The secret extra fraudulent creditor claim in 08-02066 should be prosecuted.  Those responsible  should be held for the creditor fraud, resulting  securities, tax fraud from 2008 to 2017, as shown on their 2008 10K, in the 08 footnotes.   RJ must show WHERE THE MONEY for the transaction of the “tax asset” tax loss came from, which was five times higher than their 2008 net worth, an impossibility.  Net worth now is substantially higher now because of the $14.9 Billion Fraud.   

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Letter to
Finl Fraud Enforcement Task Force and Securities and Exchange Commission Michael Breznick (FFETF) and Jane Norberg of the SEC at (202) 551-4790
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Michael Breznick (FFETF) and Jane Norberg of the SEC at (202) 551-4790.

Stop Raymond James purchase \ Prosecute Creditor,Tax,Securities Fraud

The very easy mega fraud of corporations is under your department’s supervision and I respectfully request this fraud be prosecuted. If only 7% of large public companies have done the same easy creditor, securities, tax fraud of Raymond James, it would amount to $3 Trillion pay down to our national debt and significantly benefit state deficits. While the large corporations and a few executives are benefiting with billions and tens of millions of dollars, respectively, hard working innocent employees and their families are losing all because of their actions.

The recent discovery of a $14.9 billion fraud of Raymond James is currently buying Morgan Keegan with $1 Billion of this fraud money. This pending purchase should be stopped.
Raymond James secret extra creditor adversary claim Ea. Dist. Wis. 08-02066 for $14.9 Billion is an obvious crazy amount against any individual employee. The secret letter from RJ to the clerk Dkt #3 requests it be terminated “without” prejudice, never mentioning the extra three 0’s. (They pretended it was a mistake even though the previous one was successfully transmitted!) Consequently, Raymond James took this “tax asset” in that year, 2008, and through 2011, and expects to take the very “large tax asset” over a “ten year period”, through 2017, as shown on the 2008 10K ftnotes. The principal conspirator himself filed a free will affidavit in 2008 testifying that he “personally” “handled”, “directed”, “supervised” “all” of her “counsel” and “state counsel” since “2003” while she with a competitor, a conflict of interest. Dkt 30-2 08-02065

The above is eight pieces of direct evidence to their conspiracy to harm in order to gain the $14.9 Billion tax asset. (two claims, letter to court, tax returns in 08,09,10,11, affidavit) This, combined with about 70 pieces of further evidence on the dockets, show the intentional violations of Raymond James and their co conspirators will make it easier to prosecute. Prior to 2011, she did not know Raymond James actual goal of the $14.9 Billion since she was not sent a copy of that claim or a copy of the letter to the court.

Please take care of America by prosecuting this crime.



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