The world against cruel hunting practices in Alaska

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The Trump administration is ending a five-year-old ban on the cruel hunting practices like luring bears mothers from their dens with treats or using artificial light to scurry into wolf dens to slaughter mothers and their pups.

In 30 days this nightmare will be effective.

Alaska Gov. Michael J. Dunleavy praised the move claiming this will help reduce the population of predators and increase the numbers of other game animals that sport hunters enjoy harvesting. 

Now, this is insane and only proves one thing: the one and only dangerous predator is the human being!

Wildlife is not a property of anyone. Bears, wolves and any living being on this planet have the right to leave, grow, have a safe place on Earth. And the world must speak up for every living being in danger.

The bright side of the world sticks together and will no longer stand these inhuman acts. We are proving we can change the world. Let's do it again and again and again. 

Please sign. Thank you all.