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Petitioning Hon. Home Secretary, Government of West Bengal Mrs. Bandana Bandhopadhyay, IAS and 12 others

Stop Corrupt Malda District Police Officials from Forcing my Teenaged Daughter into Cross-Border Prostitution

This is an urgent petition, requesting the Government of West Bengal (Paschim Banga), India to take strong action against the Corrupt Police Officials of Malda, who are Selling my Teenaged Daughter into Sexual Slavery.

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Hon. Home Secretary, Government of West Bengal Mrs. Bandana Bandhopadhyay, IAS
Europe Global Human Rights Defence
Leader of the Opposition, West Bengal Legislative Assembly Dr. Surjya Kanta Mishra
and 10 others
Amnesty International
National Commission for Women
National Commission for Scheduled Castes
(State, National and International) Print Media and TV Media
National Human Rights Commission
Hon. Chief Minister, Government of West Bengal Her Excellency Ms. Mamata Banerjee
His Excellency, Hon. Governor of West Bengal Shri M. K. Narayanan
Hon. Additional Director General & Inspector General of Police (O), West Bengal Mr. Kuldiep Singh, IPS
Hon. Director General of Police, West Bengal Mr. Naparajit Mukherjee, IPS
Hon. Chief Secretary, Government of West Bengal Sri. Sanjoy Mitra, IAS (Hon. Chief Secretary, Government of West Bengal)
Honourable Madam / Sir,

This is an urgent petition, requesting the Government of West Bengal (Paschim Banga), India to take strong action against the Corrupt Police Officials of Malda district, who are Selling my Teenaged Daughter into Sexual Slavery.

I respectfully urge the Honourable Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee to help release my daughter Payel (kidnapped when she was an underaged minor girl) from the clutches of her criminal kidnappers who have bribed the following local police officials with large sums of money.

1) Superintendent of Police, Malda District – Kalyan Mukhopadhyay
2) Additional Superintendent of Police, Malda District – Shyam Singh
3) Officer-in-Charge of Kaliachak Police Station – Subhabrata Ghosh
4) Investigating Officer of the case - Pradip Sarkar

With anguish and unbearable pain, I am forced to point out that sad reality of Malda today - Not a Single Police Officer, CID Officer, or Court Police of Malda District is honest.

Every police officer in Malda district, from the Superintendent of Police to the Additional SP and down to the Investigating Officer and the Officer-in-Charge of Kaliachak Police Station, has received his “share” of the “bribe money” paid by my daughter’s kidnappers in return for official collusion with these criminals who are bent upon inflicting unbearable pain on my minor-aged daughter.

My precious daughter Payel was kidnapped when she was 17 years old, still a minor girl. My husband Sujay Mandal and I are only one among many such hapless parents of kidnapped girls in the Sujapur Kaliachak area of Malda district. Ultimately, we too could not save my beloved daughter Payel from the clutches of her kidnapper Usman Ghani and his criminal family. Usman Ghani is the son of notorious fanatic criminal Ashraful Sheikh.

As my husband and I were desperately running from pillar-to-post to recover our daughter, the aforementioned police officers of Malda district told us nonchalantly that Payel will return as soon as she will be of 18 years of age (which is the legal age of conversion/marriage). It is very clear that the police is well aware of Payel’s whereabouts and has been bribed by Usman's family.

The greed, apathy and indifference of these unlawful police officials makes us wonder if West Bengal is a part of India (where Indian law is upheld) or a part of East Pakistan (where Shariah is upheld).

This year, Payel was to appear for her Higher Secondary examination. In fact, Payel was afraid of being abducted on the street by Usman and his family who had set their lustful eyes on her. Hence, out of fear, she had stopped going to school for 5 months. She did not even appear for her preparatory test exam of Higher Secondary school out of fear of being kidnapped.

For her own safety, we (her parents) relocated her to her maternal uncle’s house in Maheshtola village of Samsherganj PS in the neighbouring Murshidabad district. All our efforts went in vain. And, Payel was kidnapped from Maheshtola by Usman and his 2 fanatic criminal cohorts on 27 November 2012 evening. I fear that my daughter Payel has been sexually brutalized, violently gang-raped and psychologically traumatised during her ongoing captivity in Usman’s den. Since then, these 9 months of frantic search efforts by us (Payel’s) parents didn’t yield any results. We have now become almost bankrupt by this time as we have been spending all that we had saved (for Payel’s education and marriage) to search for our missing daughter. And, in the meantime, her father (my husband) has lost his job, as he had to search for our abducted daughter full-time.

After the first 5 months of searching in vain, seeing no success in our quest, we tearfully submitted a detailed petition to West Bengal State Women Commission in April 2013. Simultaneously, proceedings in Malda Court proceedings have been started by the legal team of human rights activists (Hindu Samhati) on our behalf. The human right activists led by Sri. Tapan Ghosh have put pressure on the police to act immediately. Due to their active efforts and pressure, Ashraful Sheikh's house was raided by police in April 2013. Before the raid, our daughter Payel was surreptitiously removed from Ashraful's house with the connivance of the aforementioned corrupt police officials. It is clear that the corrupt Malda police leaked the raid information to the criminal kidnappers in advance. However, as an eye-wash, Ashraful had been briefly arrested only to show that some action has been taken. Ashraful had been denied bail by the court, and was granted 3 day police custody for investigation/interrogation. We think it is sheer eye-wash, because the Malda police appealed for police custody only because their superior officers/higher-ups from Kolkata intervened.

The corrupt police kept us waiting and did not return Payel back to us. The police let Payel stay with her kidnappers until she turned 18 (on 12 August 2013). Afterwards, on 20 August 2013, the police finally produced Payel to Malda court. But the corrupt Malda Police did not even inform us (Payel’s parents) about her production in court. The corrupt Malda Police informed us (Payel's parents) only after Section 164 statement before Judicial Magistrate given by Payel was over.

That is why Payel's 164 Statement before Judge is important. Faced with no way out, Payel was forced (under immense duress and psychological pressure) to tell the Judge that she went to Usman, the criminal rapist, according to her own wish. This is a complete farce and travesty of justice, as my teenaged daughter Payel is suffering from post-kidnap trauma disorder (a.k.a. "Stockholm Syndrome").

All sorts of terrorising tactics have been applied by the kidnappers (Usman, Israful & others) on us (Payel’s parents). Over 100 fundamentalist-criminal goons of our locality were present in the court on that day. They were inside the court room whereas I (Payel's mother) was being denied entry inside the courtroom by the corrupt police and goons.

While in court, my hapless daughter Payel tried in vain to tell something to me (her mother.) But Payel was prevented from doing so as Usman's mother grabbed her. When in the court lock up, I (Payel's mother) was finally able to meet my daughter Payel for only 2 minutes. Payel signaled to me that something is dropped on ground. Alas, in my tear-filled anxiety, I could not understand Payel’s indication. Surely, Payel had dropped a piece of paper on the ground. But I (Payel’s mother) was forced to ignore the signal because I was simultaneously compelled to cajole and plead with folded arms with the corrupt police and Usman's mother to be able to talk to my own daughter.

Now Payel has been kept forcibly in Usman's house. Usman is currently in jail. Shortly, Usman will be released on bail, and then will forcibly marry Payel as soon as he is released from jail. Given his criminal background, we are highly apprehensive that Usman may use Payel to satisfy his sexual lust and then discard her by selling her to a cross-border sex-trafficking ring.

Even today, even Usman's other relatives and neighbours are not allowed to enter his house. WHY? Because - Payel is struggling there for freedom. My daughter Payel is suffering this unbearable pain caused by the weakness of the society of West Bengal to prevent such atrocities against its own daughters.

We urge the Honourable Chief Minister to ensure 100% enforcement of the law and save my helpless daughter from being gang-raped, forcibly converted and married off to her fanatic kidnappers before being sold into cross-border prostitution.

The hard reality is - we cannot protect, we cannot save our daughter from the clutches of fanatic criminals. They are first class citizens and we are second class citizens of our own country. Even after parting away with two- thirds of our beloved Bengal, we are second class citizens in this remaining one-thirds. We have no human rights here.

Honourable Madam Chief Minister: We voted for you. We support you. We love you as our leader. Please save us. Please save our precious daughter. Please help us get justice for Payel.

We humbly request you to heed our tearful request.

We sincerely hope that you will help prevent Malda district of West Bengal from turning into East Pakistan, by sacking the aforementioned corrupt officials and urging the local authorities to implement the law by arresting the culprits, returning our daughter Payel to us (her parents) with honour and putting an end to the ongoing criminal-police nexus in Malda district to safeguard our family and other minority Hindu families of Sujapur Kaliachak area.

Thanking You,
Sincerely Yours,

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