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Fume Events - June 2019

Trudie Dadd
Crewkerne, ENG, United Kingdom

Jun 29, 2019 — 

We have had to list some Fume Events as ‘alleged’ for legal reasons as we have no official documentation to support the details given to us. The flights listed below are only a snapshot of what is happening. The others are just the ‘tip of the iceberg’, confirmed by ATC recordings from flight crew or by documented evidence. Contaminated Air is a regular occurrence onboard aircraft and passengers in most cases are unaware that they have been exposed or of the harm it can cause. Airlines are not obliged to inform passengers that a Fume Event has occurred on their aircraft.
If you were a passenger on any of these flights, please write to the airline with proof that you were a passenger and ask them what chemicals/toxins you may have been exposed to. 

Crew - please keep reporting to your employer AND send a copy of your report to your union. Ensure you keep a copy for yourself for future reference. If you work for a U.K. based airline report also to Unite the Union on the Fume Event Register. 

02 June - Lufthansa - CityLine Canadair CRJ-900
Flight Number: LH1867 Registration: D-ACNR
Milan Malpensa/Munich
Flight crew on oxygen. Smoke in cockpit.
‘The aircraft remained on the ground over night and resumed service the following morning’.

04 June - Joon/Air France - Airbus A321-200
Flight Number: AF1529 Registration: F-GTAK
Porto/Paris Charles De Gaulle
Smoke onboard. Returned to Porto.

05June - British Airways - Airbus A319-100
Flight Number: BA1463. Registration: G-EUPC
Edinburgh/London Heathrow
Alleged Fume Event
Cabin crew allegedly used smoke hoods.

05 June - British Airways - Airbus A321-200
Flight Number: BA1484 Registration: G-MEDN
London Heathrow/Glasgow
Allegedly there were still fumes on this aircraft as well as the jetty/airbridge from the terminal to the aircraft from the previous flight from Edinburgh to Heathrow.
Allegedly there was a strong smell of fumes in the cabin and the aircraft was grounded until 10 June.
Aircraft was replaced with G-EUXH and re-crewed as some of the crew went to hospital. Flight BA1484 left Heathrow 1 hour 31 minutes late.

06 June - Lufthansa
Final Report from the BFU from Fumes incident 13 January 2016

06 June - Lufthansa - update on
Fumes incident on August 5th 2016

06 June - Carpatair - Fokker 100
Flight Number: V3-2930 Registration: YR-FKA
Burning odour in cabin.

06 June - American Airlines - MD80
Flight Number: AA2855. Registration: Unknown
Kansas City/Dallas Fort Worth
Smoke in cockpit. Returned to Kansas City.

07 June - Lufthansa - Boeing 747-800
Flight Number: LH 499 Registration: D-ABYI
Mexico City/Frankfurt
The flight eventually left Mexico City at 03.29 on 8th June (approximately a 6 hour delay).
Translated from the newspaper report below:
‘Shortly before the take-off of a Lufthansa flight from Mexico City, the cabin air is polluted. A crew member suffers a collapse. Passengers have to disembark again and are received by doctors with face masks. What happened?
The pilot then reported a medical emergency, says Kindler (passenger). The pilot now fears that "the nerve poison TCP has presumably entered the cabin", which has led to the collapse of a crew member. So far his account.
The Austrian criticizes the fact that the passengers were exposed to cabin air for about half an hour and were not fully informed. When getting off, the passengers at the gate were "received by a team of doctors with face masks", he describes the procedure.’

08 June - British Airways - Airbus A321-200
Flight Number: BA 462 Registration: G-MEDN
London Heathrow/Madrid
Alleged Fume Event
Prior to departure, a ‘strange smell’ was allegedly detected in the cockpit. The First Officer allegedly felt ill and offloaded herself from the flight. There was a change of aircraft and the flight eventually left Heathrow 2 hours and 45 minutes late.

08 June - British Airways - Airbus A321-200
Flight Number: BA 814
Registration: G-EUXG
Both flight crew on oxygen. Emergency declared.
Both flight crew taken to hospital in Copenhagen. The return flight to London BA815 was cancelled.

08 June - Allegiant - Airbus A319-100
Flight Number: G4-63 Registration: N314NV
Las Vegas/Stockton CA
Smoke in cockpit.
Returned to Las Vegas.

10 June - British Airways - Boeing 747-400
Flight Number: BA 293 Registration: G-CIVJ
London Heathrow/Washington
Fume Event
The aircraft returned to London Heathrow.

10 June - British Airways - Airbus A319-100
Flight Number: BA715 Registration: G-EUPH
Basel/London Heathrow
Aircraft sent to engineering following a Fume Event. Allegedly the aircraft was still producing fumes on the ground in engineering ground runs.

10 June - Alaska Airlines - Airbus A320
Flight Number: AS1323 Registration: N365VA
San Francisco/Seattle
Smell of smoke in cockpit. Smoke in cabin.
Diverted to Portland Oregon.

10 June - British Airways - Airbus A380-800
Flight Number: BA 12. Registration: G-XLEK
Singapore/London Heathrow
Alleged Fume Event.
No further information.

11 June - British Airways - Airbus A321-200
Flight Number: BA456 Registration: G-MEDM
London Heathrow/Madrid
Alleged Fume event during taxi.
No further information.

12 June - Lufthansa
Response from German BFU to incident on 05 August 2016
‘" (The reported event is still not an accident or serious incident)”

12 June - American Airlines - Airbus A321-200
Flight Number: AA 832 Registration: N180US
Smoke in cockpit.
Diverted to Shreveport.

12 June - British Airways - Airbus A320-200
Flight Number: BA2641 Registration: G-MIDS
Thessaloniki/London Gatwick
Alleged Fume Event.
Pilots allegedly on oxygen due to fumes.

13 June - British Airways - Airbus A321-200
Flight Number: BA 762 & BA 763 Registration: G-EUXG
Fumes on both sectors.
Due to fumes on BA762 into Oslo the return flight - BA763 was delayed by 2 hours but still had fumes during that flight also.

14 June - MAP Linhas Aereas - Avions de Transport Regional ATR-72-200
Flight Number: Unknown.
Registration: PR- MPY
Smoke onboard. Returned to Manaus.
‘The airline reported the smoke emanated from one of the air conditioning systems.’
(Photo in link below).

14 June - British Airways - Airbus A319-100
Flight Number: BA1471 Registration: G-EUOG
Inverness/London Heathrow
Alleged Fume Event
No further information.

15 June - British Airways - Airbus A321-200
Flight Number: BA 890 Registration: G-EUXG
London Heathrow/Sofia
Fume Event
Flight crew on oxygen.
A replacement aircraft G-EUXE was sent to Sofia to pick up the stranded passengers and arrived at London Heathrow at 22.53.

15 June - British Airways - A319-100
Flight Number: BA 730. Registration: G-EUPH
London Heathrow/Geneva
Fume Event.
The return flight (BA 731) was delayed considerably whilst tests for fumes were carried out on the ground in Geneva.
NB. This is the same aircraft that had a Fume Event on 10 June - Basle/London Heathrow.

15June - American Airlines - Airbus A321-200
Flight Number: AA 878 Registration: N184US
Fume Event
Aircraft returned to Chicago.

16 June - American Airlines -Airbus A321-200
Flight Number: AA 561 Registration: N559UW
Fume Event
Despite the flight crew being told three times during the flight that the smell of the fumes was very strong in the cabin, the aircraft continued to Charlotte.
All cabin crew went to hospital on arrival in Charlotte.

16 June - British Airways - Airbus A320-200
Flight No: BA606 Registration: G-EUUP
London Heathrow/Pisa
Alleged Fume Event
No further information.

18 June - British Airways - A321-200
Flight Number: BA2562 Registration: G-MEDK
London Gatwick/Dalaman (Turkey)
Fume Event
Diverted to Frankfurt

19 June - British Airways - Airbus A319-100
Flight Number: BA1467. Registration: G-EUPC
Inverness/London Heathrow
Alleged Fume Event
No further information.

20 June- British Airways - Airbus A320-200
Flight Number: BA2577 Registration: G-MIDS
Turin/London Gatwick
Fume Event
Aircraft sent to maintenance/engineering ‘Hangar 6’ at Gatwick.
This is the same aircraft which had an alleged Fume Event on 12 June - Thessaloniki/Gatwick.

21 June - British Airways - Airbus A321-200
Flight Number: BA 716 Registration: G-EUPY
London Heathrow/Zurich
Fume Event
Crew went to hospital. 3 cabin crew were unable to operate their next duty due to illness caused by fumes.
The return flight to LHR was cancelled. The aircraft remained on the ground in Zurich until 24 June when it was positioned back to LHR.

21 June - British Airways - Boeing 777-200
Flight Number: BA 112 Registration: G-VIIB
New York JFK/London Heathrow
Burning electrical smell in the cabin.
Diverted to Gander (Canada)

23 June - British Airways - Airbus A321-200
Flight Number: BA 851 Registration: G-EUXG
Fume Event
Warsaw/London Heathrow
Both Flight Crew on oxygen.
Aircraft sent to maintenance/engineering- yet again.
NB. Same aircraft which had fume events on 08, 13, & 15 June.
Allegedly the aircraft has been fitted with one new engine and a new APU (Auxiliary Power Unit). It had a test flight on the morning of Wednesday 26 June and went back in to service on Thursday 27th June.

23 June - British Airways - Airbus A320-200
Flight Number: BA2730 Registration: G-GATN
London Gatwick/Tenerife
Fume Event
Crew at rear of aircraft used smoke hoods. All crew went to hospital in Tenerife.
The BA2731 Tenerife to Gatwick service was cancelled.

23 June - British Airways - Airbus A319-100
Flight Number: BA 768 Registration: G-EUOG
London Heathrow/Oslo
Alleged Fume Event. (Allegedly the 3rd Fume Event that day on this aircraft).
This aircraft also allegedly had a Fume Event on 14 June - Inverness/London Heathrow.

24 June - British Airways - Airbus A320-200
Flight Number: BA2624 Registration: G-EUUT
London Gatwick/Nice
Fumes in cockpit.
Return flight to London Gatwick cancelled.

26 June - American Airlines - Airbus 320-200
Flight Number: AA1963. Registration: N122US
Charlotte/Punta Cana
Fume Event in Cockpit.
Emergency declared.
Diverted to Miami.

26 June - El Al - Boeing 737-800
Flight Number: LY5298 Registration: 4X-EKM
Sofia/Tel Aviv
Fumes in cabin. Emergency declared.
Returned to Sofia
‘The crew subsequently advised they believe they had received a bird strike into an engine (CFM56), the engine was running fine, nonetheless, they requested to return to Sofia. The aircraft landed safely on Sofia's runway 09 about 37 minutes after departure.’

26 June - AA (Envoy) - Embraer ERJ-145
Flight Number: MQ4899/AA4890 Registration: N645AE
Burning smell and smoke onboard.
Diverted to Tri-Cities Airport- Tennessee.

26 June - HOP - Canadair CRJ-1000 (on behalf of Air France)
Flight Number: AF7465 Registration: F-HMLH
Perpignan/Paris Orly
Smoke in the cockpit.
Diverted to Toulouse.
‘Firefighters took care of 4 passengers slightly affected by the event’.

26 June - British Airways - Airbus A319-100
Flight Number: BA 736. Registration: G-EUPY
London Heathrow/Geneva
Alleged Fume Event
The return flight - BA737 was cancelled as the aircraft allegedly could not be ‘fixed’ before the Geneva night jet ban.

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