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Strange Odour or Smell?

Trudie Dadd
Crewkerne, ENG, United Kingdom

Jul 1, 2019 — 

Please read the Fox News report below. Yet again, ‘due to the presence of an unusual odour’. 

There is nothing mysterious, strange or unusual about it. Airlines have been having fume events for decades. The ‘odour’ or ‘strange smell’ referred to is caused by VOC’S in the oil, hydraulic fluid or lubricants which enter the air conditioning system of aircraft. The organophosphates that also enter the air conditioning onboard aircraft are generally odourless.
The whole point of airlines and regulators having a reporting system is so that problems or ‘trends’ can be easily recognised, investigated and fixed. Well that’s certainly not the case here, is it?!!!
Airlines and Regulators have failed. They fail on a daily basis to protect innocent people from exposure to harmful chemicals onboard aircraft.

Reports from the U.S yesterday:

FROM AN INJURED PILOT IN 2003 (discussing fumes on a Pilots Forum):
“Oh! I can already hear you saying it may be the case that OPs were found but the amounts were so small that they could never cause any ill effects, well I hear that a single dose of .01 LD50 of an OP causes massive brain cell death, so repeated exposure to even lower amounts will not be good for you. Also that is .01 LD50 of one compound, imagine a nice cocktail of compounds!

Why do you think Mobil have never done testing that reproduces the exposure scenario, i.e heat the oil, and do inhalation tests? Or maybe they have, but have decided not to share this with us.

You remind me of the cigarette industry doctors saying all was well back in the 60s. I was new to flying then but times change and crews are getting wise and regretably sick as well.

How do you account for the PET and MRI abnormalities seen in crews who have been exposed, lung problems etc.. Just a bad crew meal?

When an independant panel tests Mobil jet oil 2 in the way it is exposing crews and they check for CN and tell me nothing found then I´ll shut up. As that will not happen, I guess I will just keep watching out for your nonsense posts and listening/reading the mis-information you give your crews!

"Only toxic if swallowed!" what a laugh! 

LD50 for hens of TOCP is not 780mg/Kg but 500 mg / Kg given ORALLY not inhalation (meant to be more toxic by a factor of about 10) therefore: .01 of 500mg / Kg would be 5 mg / Kg.

EQSFAP Environmental Quality and Safety. (Stuttgart, Fed. Rep. Ger.) V.1-5, 1972-76.

The current estimated NOAEL from a single exposure to TOCP in a hen is 25mg / Kg yet brain cell death is being seen at only 5mg / kg without any OPIDN signs whatsoever.

The NOAEL for man using a safety factor of 10 is 2.5 mg / kg and yet cell death is seen at 5 mg / Kg already.

This is also single dose damge and not inhalation and not synergestically applied with other OPs!

If I seem p***ed off it's because I have suffered numerous neurological symptoms for the last 8 years, and suffer constant pain now. I am still flying, but only because the CAA are being very reasonable about my residual symptoms - which by the way are getting worse.

It's not about lawsuits. It's actually about getting companies to do as much as is reasonable to reduce health risks, and not just do nothing becasue the bean-counters reckon that it's cheaper to pay the few succeptible people off if ever they actually proceed against them - knowing that they can each shift blame to each other making a lawsuit difficult, costly and lengthy.”



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