Stop Community Link! From selling information for shelters, food, etc., to homeless men, women and children!

Stop Community Link! From selling information for shelters, food, etc., to homeless men, women and children!

August 1, 2013
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Acting President/CEO Alan Lange
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Started by Victor Stark

Update August 9th - I am temporarily closing the petition to signatures pending the resolution meeting. Please scroll to the bottom to view the resolution offer that was mailed on August 8th. A positive dialog has initiated from Community Link and a meeting for closure looks likely!

For questions, please email Mr. John H. or I, at or call (916) 514-6333

Thank you

Victor Stark


Over the past few months of May, June and July 2013, I have received information from organizations and disadvantaged people alike that community resource information, such as information to homeless shelters, food lockers, etc. was being sold to homeless populations, but given freely to organizations. Obviously, this would be a horrible thing to do; therefore, I looked into locating the source. 

I discovered that Community Link sells the Community Services Directory 57th Edition. At least two local organizations claim they received a free copy, however, I still needed to know if the homeless had to walk in with cash to obtain a copy of this information for homeless shelters, food, clothes closets, etc.

On July 30, 2013 I had a friend who is homeless go into Community Link with my funds and purchase information.
It was made clear to the receptionist that said person is a resident in a homeless shelter. That the information will be “passed around the shelter.” My friend, who has no phone, vehicle or other means, was told to pay $21.70 for the community resource information. I did ask if this is from a non-profit organization, and she said yes. It was said to me that they are a non-profit and the information being sold to him are from non-profits. Once the financial transaction was completed, my friend expressed again his situation, he was offered a refund, and however, he also had to give back the information. We chose to keep the directory, in which my friend was not given a receipt, invoice or any other proof of payment.
Granted, the receptionist was very kind, polite and just doing her best to fulfill her job description. I actually feel for the receptionist who must carry out such a course of action just to have a job.
Community Link, a Sacramento, CA 501 (c) 3 already received a grant for the publication of the information for community resources; therefore, selling it to the homeless is unnecessary.
Turning down-and-out people who are homeless into paying customers is exploitative and an impediment.
Once homeless, individuals and families are an especially vulnerable population, lacking social and financial support, and particularly homeless youth. The homeless are already disenfranchised and without immediate access to the sufficient resources they need.
The disgrace is homeless people are being exploited for money by Community Link.

Petition To: Community Link
2020 Hurley Way, Suite 420, Sacramento, CA 95825
Ph. (916) 447-7063
Community Link Board of Directors: Laura Niznik, Alan Boyed, Kristin Vandersluis, David Bowen. Members at large; Rachel Coles, Rick Heron, Phyllis Gullory, Benjamin Webster, Karen Taranto, James Allen.
Management and Policy: Deanna Berg, Bob Diercks, Barry Bunch, Alan Lange, Valeri Mihanovich, Marjene Streeper, Mary Wray.

ATTN: Alan Lange  l  Acting President/CEO

Community Link

2020 Hurley Way, Suite 420 Sacramento, CA 95825   916-447-7063 x360  l

Stop selling community resource information for emergency shelters, food lockers, and clothes closets, etc. to the homeless population!

Community Link and the board of directors owe an apology to organizations of which you sold their information to a homeless person. You have made it very clear that you are a non-profit that already received a grant for the creation and publication of such critical information, yet charge $21.70 to the homeless who need help. Is this the ideal image you want non-profits to have as a result of your exploitation?

I saw it with my own eyes that Community Link made a homeless individual and a single dad with a child pay over the counter to receive help and information.

Did the non-profits that freely gave you their information to help others say you could charge a 21.70 fee to the homeless for their information? I think not!

In a community where it is already very difficult for individuals and families to find help, it should have been in the nature of your organization to provide the information to a homeless person without cost.

You are doing what is called “double dipping” to receive a grant for making the information available and then selling it.

Please stop selling community resource information to the homeless and any other disadvantaged population.

Victor Stark

Community Link Sacramento is attempting to make their brand look good by associating their sales with non-profits, the message is that homeless people must pay cash, which is shameful that by associating the reputation of non-profits with this type of sales force, they are really making non-profits in their directory look bad by allowing their information to be sold to the homeless.
It contributes to and propagates a culture wherein homeless people can be used as customers.
This isn’t how you treat people who are homeless. This is how you treat material objects.
If organizations and people want to give information to the homeless, they should be able to do so at any time. Please do it today!
Selling resource information to the homeless makes all non-profits look bad, unsavory and corrupt when the disadvantaged population or group receiving the information must pay cash for it.
This doesn’t make only Community Link look bad. This makes every funding source, donor and organization in Community Link supporting this “exploitation” look like an insensitive monster who thinks homeless people are financial resources to be used as customers, which is sad and frustrating.
Do you want to help the homeless?
Then do not further Community Link’s sales to the homeless by insisting that they are not allowed to sell any information to the homeless.
Do not allow them to sell your organization’s information to the homeless. It is a simple solution that prevents Community Link from stepping on the backs of the homeless.
Do you think using the homeless to sell community resource information is a disgrace? Then sign this petition.



Resolution submitted August 8th, 2013



Community Link

ATTN: Alan Lange, Acting President/CEO

2020 Hurley Way, Suite 420, Sacramento, CA 95825

Ph. (916) 447-7063 x360


Petition organizers:

Mr. John Hodges and Victor stark

Mailing address: 1981 Grand Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95838

Ph. (916) 514-6333



Proposed solution to stop the sale of community resource information by Community Link to the homeless and indigent families. Below is a agenda for offer of resolution, proposed decision meeting, and request for alternate resolution.


Attached: 390 Petition signatures from individuals, families, and community agencies supporting the petition to stop selling community resource information for emergency shelters, food lockers, and clothes closets, etc., to the homeless population.


WHEREAS, offer of resolution:

  1. Apology to Mr. John Hodges and public apology to the community for Community Link’s oversight in the act of selling resource information.
  2. A preface apology included in the next publication of the Community Link’s directory for sales to the homeless.
  3. Offer a refund to each homeless and indigent person that purchased information from Community Link.
  4. Require immediate cease of all retail sales for community resource information to the indigent.
  5. Ban all future sales of community resource information from Community Link to any indigent person.
  6. Provide print-on-demand portions of community resource information to any call-in or walk-in indigent person.


WHEREAS, proposed decision meeting:

  1. Meet at your office or public place.
  2. Only John Hodges and Victor Stark will meet on behalf of the petition.
  3. Only the Community Link and specifically the sale of resource information to indigent people are discussed as stated in the petition.
  4. If agreement is reached, your written response is posted to all petition supporters for 72 hours, unless you specify otherwise.
  5. Therefore, be it resolved, after 72 hours, the petition is permanently deleted.


WHEREAS, alternate resolution:

  1. It is hereby respectfully requested that Community Link make a alternate solution offer upon refusal of the above mentioned terms.




As of August 8th, 2013 we have not received any acknowledgement from Community link that selling resource information is an oversight, misguided intention or has amended their sales policy. You may not believe it is unjust, however, 390 individuals, families and agencies’ do.

Confirmed victory

This petition made change with 485 supporters!

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Decision Makers

  • Alan LangeActing President/CEO