Stop Coming Out Ministries from speaking at Camp Pugwash

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The Youth speakers for camp meeting 2018 at Camp Pugwash were announced to be Coming Out Ministries. A group of people who do not reflect God’s message of love and acceptance. Their message is hateful and directed at one group of people, the LGBTQ+ community. Their views are harmful for the youth to hear since they are in an easily influenced stage in their lives.

By spreading hate, you create more hate. 

The suicide rate for LGBT youth is four times as much as cis, heterosexual youth. Instead of preaching to the youth that their feelings are wrong, Camp Pugwash and the Maritime Conference of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church should spread God’s love and seek to bring LGBTQ+ youth closer to Him. 

This message has already been brought to the Maritimes three times. There is no need to once again spread this hate. 

When I was younger the Coming Out Ministries came to Sandy Lake Academy (the only school in the Maritimes Conference of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church). I attended these meetings in hopes to find a “cure” for myself. What I found was self loathing. I became deeply depressed after hearing their message, and even had suicidal thoughts. I was pushed further and further from God and from His church. Their message is dangerous. I have since found peace within myself. I have found God and will never stop worshiping Him, but I still lead a homosexual lifestyle. 

By highlighting their opinion on a controversial subject, and not giving any other opinion the same exposure, Camp Pugwash and the Maritime Conference are creating a narrative and a mindset that being LGBTQ+ is wrong. 

LGBTQ+ People already face many challenges. We are faced with hatred from all corners of the world. The Seventh-Day Adventist church used to be safe haven where we could be ourselves and worship our God. This is a direct attack on those of us who wish to continue our faith in God and feel safe in our churches. 



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