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How long will we continue allowing Cleveland Metro Park employees (who are public servants in fact) to persist in squandering public dollars on public land to satiate their obscene blood-lust, slaughtering innocent, semi-tame deer in a blood-drenched, deeply depraved annual canned hunt?

How long will we continue to swallow their lies, distortions and perversions of the truth, as they insist that the gun and hunting lobby-driven mantra that killing is the ONLY means of managing human-caused white-tailed deer over-populations is the Gospel truth? 

How long will we swallow the lie that slaughtering sentient beings is somehow “humane,” despite the facts that we humans caused the overpopulation of deer and that there are many alternatives to killing?

Fish and Game biostitutes (biologists who have prostituted themselves to the systemic and ritualistic annihilation of the very nonhuman animals whom they’re charged with protecting) drone endlessly that “science” and “fact” demand that we adhere to the archaic notion that hunting and culling individual sentient beings are necessary to “preserve the herd and maintain biodiversity.” Said biostitutes are nothing more than whores to the NRA, gun and hunting accessory manufacturers, and hunters, who comprise a mere 5% of the US population. Whether driven by deep indoctrination or a cynical drive to receive a paycheck via the path of least resistance, they hold the line for empathy deficient, soulless nonhuman animal killers who thrive on causing the deaths of innocents and calling it “sport.”

Consider one of the most glaring examples of the utter inefficacy of “managed hunts” as a means of white tailed deer population control:

“Since 1974 the Great Swamp Wildlife Refuge, NJ, have been holding a "managed hunt" to control white-tailed deer. Total harvests have risen erratically but consistently since 1974 and the 1995 harvest was almost exactly twice the 1974 harvest.” (U.S.  Fish and Wildlife Service, unpublished data)


Meanwhile, the Cleveland Metro Park deer mis-management program has “achieved” similar results by employing the barbaric practice of “bait and shoot” (AKA “Whack ‘em and stack ‘em) since 1998. Starting with a kill count of 300 in 1999, the canned hunters of Cleveland Metro Park slaughtered a high of 577 deer in 2001 and a low of 201 in 2002, for a total of 3,319 murdered defenseless innocents. And they have 366 more in their sights for 2010/11.

Reducing the population by hunting or culling creates a phenomenon know as the compensatory rebound effect. With reduced populations and an abundant food supply, does have two to three fawns rather than one, pushing the population back to where it was prior to the last massacre, creating a vicious cycle of mass murder and rapid repopulation.

Metropark officials maximize the deer reproductive rate, blame the deer for ecological damage, and offer themselves as the only solution, leaving an unsuspecting public footing the bill for their sadistic and bloody frivolity in the park.

Dr. Allen Rutberg, head of Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine and renowned expert on nonlethal means of deer population management, states that: 

"The most visible weakness in the assertion that hunting is necessary to control deer populations is that it has LARGELY FAILED TO DO SO over the last two decades. Just because deer are being killed doesn’t mean that deer populations are being controlled." 

Cleveland Metro Parks employees KNOW that what they are doing is ineffective and morally abhorrent.


The Park Law Director admitted that no Environmental Impact Studies (EIS) have been performed. The park claims they have conducted their own studies, but park field researcher said, no in-depth analysis to date has been done.


No tax-funded program should be hidden from the public. Year after year, park militiamen (police) prevent the public and the media from viewing the bloodbath. 

Tim J. Setnicka, the former superintendent of the Channel Islands National Park who participated in wildlife culls admitted why kills are kept out of the public eye: "…you watch the life drain out of their eyes which becomes dull as they die. This is an impossible image to sell the public or politicians which is why no photos are allowed….We never allowed the media to accompany hunters to film the hunting activity. Safety concerns were always given as for the reason for denial of their request. The real reason was we wanted to avoid the images of ugliness of the hunt."

Having stolen their land, we owe it to the deer to manage their over-population in effective and nonlethal ways. Cleveland Metro Parks has been attempting the same methods since 1998 and they have yet to succeed. It’s time to end this abomination.

Sign this petition:

To demand that Cleveland Metro Parks employees put an end to their annual slaughter of innocent, defenseless deer and their abuse of public land and monies.


To demand that they begin effective and ethical management of the deer population in our parks by employing immunocontraceptive drugs, fencing, green tunnels, road reflectors, deer repellents.

The following undercover video footage was taken by Showing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK) in the Summit Ct. Metropark.  The footage shows a training session conducted by Anthony DeNicola, president of the wildlife extermination company, White Buffalo Inc. This is the same person that killed in and trained the Cleveland Metropark employees.

SHARK supplied video footage to the Akron/Cleveland media exposing the cruel slaughter. Claims that the deer would be “euthanized” by highly skilled sharpshooters were exposed as lies when SHARK’s undercover video cameras documented animals shot, but left alive to suffer. The deer were shot only once, even though in many cases they did not immediately die. 

WARNING – The following video is very graphic and may not be suitable for children.

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