Stop Anti-Christian Hate in Canada

Stop Anti-Christian Hate in Canada

September 6, 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Canadian Christian

Dear Government of Canada,

We, the Christians of Canada request your help to fight the Anti-Christian Hate and Christian Persecution in this country.
Please help us campaign against hate and discrimination towards Christians.

Goal : Establish a CHRISTOPHOBIA  Awareness Day 
(01 December)
in Canada. Please help!

CHRISTOPHOBIA: the irrational fear or hatred of Christianity or Christians.

As Christians, our core value is: LOVE EVERYONE
The following Christian persecution and Anti-Christian Hate in Canada, has left us feeling shocked and betrayed. 

1. Liberals stopped funding to CHRISTIAN organizations that did not sign Abortion Attestation (Redeemer University & Alberta Bible Camp). It is our right to believe abortion is unacceptable per our love for the unborn human. Abolish the Abortion attestation. Please don't discriminate against us.

2. 25 Churches burned down in Canada and 65 Churches vandalized. Since June 2021, Canadian Christian communities have been terrorized by attacks on churches. Liberals justified it, hence encouraged CHRISTOPHOBIA.

3. The arrests of Christian Pastors: 
Pastor Artur Pawlowski; and Pastors James Coates and Tim Stephens were placed in maximum security jail in Canada for violating lockdown laws! This is totally unacceptable.  While leaders of other religions violating lockdown rules were not arrested. As Canadians, we've only seen crackdowns like those in countries with high human rights violations. Not in Canada! Please protect Christians against this kind of abuse.

4. Our mainstream media, funded by government, do not  report on Christian Persecution. Please help end Christophobia by speaking out loudly against it.

5. Politically Incorrect to stand up for Christianity in Canada! While our Churches were being burned down, few politicians dared stand up for us.
Christians are being shamed for our religion. A religion that contributed so much positivity to this country/world, such as: the compassion and freedoms in laws created by Christians; our charity which extended to the entire world; and our world renowned art. It's hypocrisy to preach ACCEPTANCE for every Canadian, but not for Christians.

6. Canada has drawn international concern for crackdown on 
Christianity. U.S. Senator Josh Hawley urged the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) to Add Canada to its Watch List.

7. Christians are the most persecuted religious group globally: 245 Million in 1 year
Open Doors reported Christian Persecuted has increased by 60% this year.
Happening now:
Hundreds of Churches have been burned down in France.
Genocide of Christians in Nigeria.
Christian Ethnic Cleansing in Iraq, South Sudan and Syria.
Anti-Christian Pogroms (mobs attacks) in Egypt, Pakistan and Philippines.
Christians Persecuted are/or killed in Burma, China, Ethiopia, India, Iran, North Korea, Somalia, and Turkey.
Christians hunted down by Taliban in Afghanistan.

8. We, Christians, stand in solidarity with victims of religious persecution in all other religions, including: Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia.

Christians have the right and the religious freedom to express our faith and our identity, in accordance with our values and doctrines, free from persecution by the Canadian government.

The Christian faith calls us to LOVE EVERYONE, our neighbors and those who persecute us.

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Signatures: 130Next Goal: 200
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