Stop child abuse and violence against women

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We, the men and women of India, are not only shocked but saddened by the recent alarming increase in cases of violence against women and children. We stand together with our sisters and mothers, with our wives and partners, with our daughters and granddaughters to condemn the recent barbaric acts of Violence in the country. This violence affects EVERYONE.

We must protect them from abuse with clearly defined laws protecting the rights of survivors and the victims of abuse. We must develop strategies that reduce the vulnerabilities of women and children to abuse in the domestic environment, a health sector and criminal justice system that priorities the rights and welfare of the abused as well as laws and penalties that deter would-be offenders and keep perpetrators off the street with victim offender mediation and effective offender rehabilitation programmes. We need legislation on such sexual offences and  violence to address these atrocities that are fast becoming a norm in our society.

Government should start a campaign to stop child abuse and violence against women...