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Each year, thousands of chicks are hatched in incubators at childcare centres throughout Australia in chick hatching programs. Please help us end live chick hatching programs by signing this petition and spreading the word. For each signature, a letter will be sent to the major childcare centres throughout Australia, asking them to end the use of chick hatching programs for good.

Why should Chick Hatching Programs stop?

Where's mum?:

A hatching box is an extremely poor replacement for the mother hen. According to the RSPCA, it is not uncommon for chicks in hatching boxes to die or be born deformed due to inadequate care and incubator malfunctions.

What about the roosters?:

Approximately 50% of the adopted chicks will grow up to be roosters, which are illegal to keep in most suburban areas. Of the thousands of roosters hatched, an extremely small percentage find long term homes. Most are killed as waste products of chick hatching programs.

Teaching poor lessons:

Hatching programs teach children that chicks are disposable objects, rather than living creatures that deserve our respect and require a lifetime of care and commitment.

What happens after the program finishes?:

Chicks are often adopted out to anyone who wants them. There is no formal adoption process and no procedures in place to protect the welfare of the chicks once they leave the school or centre. Chicks that are not adopted go back to the hatching company where the outcome is unknown and unmonitored.

Who has joined the fight?

Countless angry, frustrated parents, education professionals and animal welfare organisations are joining forces to get this practice banned from ALL facilities.

You can learn more about the programs and our campaign by visiting our website You can also download or request campaign materials.


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Please ban the use of chick hatching programs in all of your childcare centres.

I'm writing to express my deep concern that your centres use live chick hatching programs. More and more parents are now refusing to send their children to childcare centres that use these programs. Here’s why:

Approximately fifty per cent of chicks adopted will grow up to be roosters, which are illegal to keep in most suburban areas. When they start crowing, the roosters are usually euthanized, dumped or surrendered to already overflowing animal shelters.

Chick hatching programs teach children that chicks are disposable objects, and encourage the viewpoint that animals can be bred for enjoyment then discarded when no longer ‘cute’ or ‘fun’.

There is no formal adoption process to ensure the welfare of the chicks, who are often adopted by families and staff once the program finishes.

Chicks can be carriers of e-coli and salmonella, posing a health risk to children, parents and staff at your centres.

State education departments throughout Australia recognise these issues and are already taking a hard line on chick hatching programs in primary and secondary schools.

Chick hatching programs can easily be replaced with activities and materials such as books and DVD's, that teach life cycles and inspire students to appreciate, respect and learn about the amazing life of birds.

It is only a matter of time before chick hatching programs are legally banned in childcare centres. Centres that are no longer using these programs are putting themselves at a considerable competitive advantage.

Please stop using chick hatching programs in your centres to ensure that your high standard of early childhood education is not compromised with this cruel, unnecessary and outdated practice.