Stop charging commonwealth soldiers to stay in Britain!

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My South African husband has been serving with the British army for 12 years. He’s served in Iraq and Afghanistan, and he’s been deployed in the streets of London to protect people after terrorist attacks. But if we can’t find the money to pay for his citizenship, he will be shipped off to South Africa when he’d done serving with the British army.

We’ve been married for 10 years and have a seven year old daughter and a four year old boy. If my husband was forced to leave the UK it would break up our family.

Soldiers from commonwealth countries can apply for indefinite leave to remain, but it will cost us around two thousand pounds. At the moment this is not a sum that we can afford, and this is true for many other families too. That’s why I’m calling for the fees to be waived for commonwealth soldiers who serve in the British army.

If he gets medically discharged or made redundant right now we wouldn’t be able to keep him in the UK. He pays British taxes and puts his life at risk for this country - but he could still be shipped off. This is a constant worry hanging over our family.

Please sign my petition calling on the Home Office to let commonwealth soldiers who serve for the British Army stay in the UK free of charge.