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Stop Censorship of Gay Scenes in HBO Philippines

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I was flipping through channels on television like I usually do. There was nothing good on, until I reached HBO. Big Daddy was playing which stars Adama Sandler and the Sprouse kids. I remember having watched this movie a while back and I also remembered the gay kiss shared between two of the many characters in the movie.

But I was shocked upon seeing this particular scene ommitted. It infuriated me. Nothing about this scene was explicit. It was just a harmless and conventional kiss shared between two people. But because they are of the same sex, they are censored.

We need to change how things are going on around here. We live in a world today where we have the opp[ortunity, the power, and the chance to make things right for us and for everybody else as well. 

This censorship is an implication that these acts are sinful, wrong, and immoral. Well, if you'd like to start changing the way it is now, please do sign.

Censorship of scenes portraying homosexuality such as kissing or the embodiment per se is a colossal offense to the LGBT Community as well as to the supporters of them. Censorship of these scenes is on par with homophobia and that is unacceptable. It is also on par with censoring reality.

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