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Brands have capitalised on the Tigers image for too long But what have they done for them?

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Did you know that today there are more humans called tiger than there are tigers in the wild? Probably not. However, you certainly know about some of the world's famous tigers. There’s Tiger Beer, Tiger airways, Tiger Balm, The Bengal Tigers, Winnies best friend Tigger, the list goes on.

The problem is, we are all too familiar with these brand name tigers. But do we really know what’s happening to the world's biggest cat? The real tiger. Today there are only 3890 left in the wild.

Companies and brands have represented themselves with the image of a tiger for hundreds of years, but what have these brands done for the tiger? It’s time they gave back, after all where would these brands be if not for their namesake?

What would happen if the stripes disappeared from some of our most beloved tiger brands,  would we wake up to the problem then?

July 29th is international tiger day. In a show of solidarity to the mascot that emblazons their logo we encourage brands whose identity features a tiger to remove it from their identity to help raise awareness of the dire straight that the animal is in. Combined these brands and franchises have millions of followers/users which equates to a huge potential for them to help push a powerful message and give back to the animal they have capitalised on. 

Let's get as many signatures as possible so these brands stand up and do something for the tiger before it's too late.

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