Stop theatres from screening Unplanned, an inflammatory, anti-choice propaganda film.

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Dear Landmark Cinemas Canada, Cineplex Canada:

We are writing to you in regards to the propaganda film, “Unplanned.”

We have heard that Landmark Cinemas and Cineplex will be screening the film at select locations in Canada.

“Unplanned” is little more than factually incorrect propaganda designed to encourage and support the people who wish to restrict our legally protected right to abortion. People across Canada are prepared to actively protest any theatre showing this movie, as is currently the case with smaller independent theatres who are choosing to screen it.

We have seen clear examples of the film industry in the US who are actively choosing to spend their production dollars in states where abortion access is not under attack. 85% of Canadians support legal access to abortion. While anti-abortion extremists who support this film are a vocal group, they are certainly in the minority in Canada.

The film portrays surgical abortion as dangerous when, in fact, the complication rate of safe abortions is exceedingly low. According to the Guttmacher Institution, it is one of the safest medical procedures and complications requiring hospital care occur at a rate of less than 0.5%.

There are very real concerns that this film has the potential to provoke violence against abortion providers. The film portrays abortion providers as greedy, willing to sacrifice the lives of their patients to make money. This is categorically untrue. For example, only 4% of Planned Parenthood (USA) services are abortions. 70% of the organization’s revenue comes from fundraising, grants, private donations, and government health reimbursements ( Abortion providers have been attacked and murdered in both Canada and the United States. Clinics have been threatened, mailed fake anthrax, and firebombed. Portraying abortion providers as less than human, as evil, makes them more vulnerable targets of violence.

Furthermore, many of your cinemas are located in towns/cities that have limited or no access to abortion (like Landmark Cinemas Fort McMurray). We think you should consider the impact of screening an anti-abortion film in towns or cities where people are already at a disadvantage when it comes to accessing their right to abortion.

We sincerely hope that you will reconsider screening Unplanned, not only for financial reasons, but for moral and ethical ones.