STOP building on our green spaces - Land West of Leighton Buzzard Rd & Nth. of Galley Hill

STOP building on our green spaces - Land West of Leighton Buzzard Rd & Nth. of Galley Hill

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Why this petition matters

Started by Maggie Chandler

A planning application has been submitted for the construction of 390 dwellings and a residential care home for up to 70-beds. 

The land subject to the planning application is one of the last beauty spots enjoyed by nature in Hemel Hempstead. Also the nature loving humans, who have our mental health uplifted and overjoyed by the beauty, of watching Red Kites soaring above our heads, as we watch several pairs of protected Red Kite, Heron and Egrit, and on the rare occasion a pair of peregrine Falcons which nest in the trees.  A particular favourite of local children is the butterfly reserve which will be severely impacted by loss of habitat and pollution. There are also badgers on this land.

This land was once deemed as an area of outstanding natural beauty. Alas once this green gem is lost to more unnecessary housing on our green belt, the next generation will wonder why.

Government statistics show that Hemel Hempstead is regarded as the second most dangerous town to live in, with violence and anti social behaviour being at the top.

With proposals already submitted for 1400 homes at the back of Piccotts End, this will just add to congestion, pollution in and around Hemel Hempstead.

Please support this petition to PREVENT;

Damage to the rare chalk stream and wildlife sanctuary

Considerable additional noise, light and air pollution from the Leighton Buzzard Road and Link Road

Further gridlock from another potential 1000 cars trying to join the already busy black spot Leighton Buzzard Road and Link Road

Erosion of a buffer zone between the conservation area of Piccotts End and Urban Development, which constitutes urban sprawl, and is therefore against the councils own green belt policy, which states "that it should only be considered for development under exceptional circumstances."

The adverse effect of an additional roundabout on the increasingly busy Leighton Buzzard Road. The impact of increased amounts of traffic stopping and starting which will lead to increased emissions/pollution.

Rat-running' traffic through Piccotts End as drivers try to avoid the inevitable congestion. 

Increased flood risk for those living in Piccotts End

Please support this petition to PROTECT;

Our already over-subscribed local services; GP's, hospitals, schools, social services.

The Roman Snails, Red Kites, Peregrine Falcons, Butterflies and Badgers. 

The prime Greenbelt land and the landscape from Galley Hill roundabout to the roundabout at the end of the Leighton Buzzard road.

The historic archaeological site of a roman villa

The Grade 1 and Grade 2 listed buildings in close proximity

Life due to the Increased risk of accident for those crossing the Leighton Buzzard Road (using the bridleway and footpath from Riverbank)

A heart felt thanks for your support from all of us in the local community.



1,439 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!