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End Breed Specific Legislation in Sikeston Missouri

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Chaper 6 Section 4 in Title 6 of the Municipal Code of the City of Sikeston, Missouri states that all Pit Bull type dogs must be muzzled, on a 4 foot leash, in a kennel with a roof and floor, locks must be placed on the kennel at all times, and dog owners or fosters must take a out liability insurance.

With enough signatures and support we can present our case to the Sikeston City Council and make a difference at the local level!

BSL affects dogs based on APPEARANCE ONLY. It has NOTHING to do with temperament. The alleged purpose of BSL is to increase public safety, but it cannot do that because it completely overlooks temperament.

It's astonishing that BSL continues to spread even after studies have proven its fatal flaws. BSL is ruinously expensive to implement and enforce. Determining a dog's breed or mix is extremely difficult, often resulting in mistaken identities and ensuing lawsuits.

BSL does not stop dog attacks or bites. It increases the financial burden on taxpayers, animal shelters, and animal control agencies. It doesn't stop irresponsible owners or dissuade criminals. It doesn't educate anyone about proper dog care. In the end, the punishment is doled out solely on responsible owners and good dogs. Good dogs are confined to their homes, unable to gain valuable social skills and training opportunities - or they are simply killed. Law-abiding owners are the only ones who end up shelling out money to pay for special licenses or souped-up fences, and they are the ones whose hearts are ripped out when their sweet dog is arbitrarily deemed "dangerous" and euthanized.

BSL exists because people are looking for an easy way out. It's easy to point fingers at a group of voiceless dogs and call them "dangerous". It makes for great sound bites on the evening news, and it gives politicians a way to distract people from real worries. It saves us from having to address the core problems - irresponsible, ignorant dog owners, bad breeders, criminals, and an uneducated public.

Some people mistakenly believe that owners of these so-called "dangerous" breeds do not care about public safety because they object so strongly to BSL. On the contrary, these owners are acutely aware of the need for strong non-breed-specific dangerous/vicious dog laws, and they fully support efforts to strengthen and enforce those laws. However, these owners also realize that the problem of dog bites and dog attacks does not lie within a single breed or group of breeds. The problem ultimately lies with the individual owner, and that is where the focus of dangerous dog laws should be.

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