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The government created a law against the breed of pit bulls; this is discrimination to a dog that has not earned any of this mistreatment. The following 41 states are all under the BSL: Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Ohio, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming, and District of Columbia. It’s sad to think that 41 out of 50 states are using this Bad, Stupid Law (BSL) killing our Pit Bulls.

One part of the BSL I want to bring forward is: part of Section 24- Section 26.
These sections state the “Current State of the Law” stating ‘Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) is defined as a law or statute that equates the qualities of a dangerous dog with a certain breed, and bans or restricts certain breeds based on identity, not behavior of a specific animal.25 This type of legislation does not make concessions for those members of the breed who are valuable assets to their communities, such as therapy dogs, assistance dogs, or advanced trained dogs such as drug dogs and search-and-rescue dogs. BSL identifies a dog as “dangerous” based upon its breed alone and not based on any action or offense that the individual dog has ever committed.26

This part especially makes me sick. They will take the action of one dog and make that the crime of 100 dogs. And DO NOT forget that this is directed towards the breed of Pit Bulls, but also some other breeds. Such a law is unjust, how is it fare to take a life simply because one of its kind has made a crime. These animals haven’t done anything wrong, but humans automatically hang the word “dangerous” about their heads. Just because one dog is bad, doesn’t mean the entire breed is bad. It is just wrong. It would be like punishing an entire family because they are blood related to someone who’s gone to jail for a bar fight.

It is the actions of people that are at fault, we are the ones who deceive pit bulls in such a way, this NEEDS to be stopped! Humans taught the bad Pit Bulls to attack, humans tormented the dogs, and humans are the cause. Pit bulls are trained in dog fighting; they are beaten and abused… It’s the owner who is at fault, not the dog! Humans are the ones that make the dog aggressive, that’s how it’s in their blood; because for years humans had the idea of a disturbing entertainment. After being trained to fight in a cage, they end up being very protective of their home and themselves, which leads to the attacks. This leads to our dogs being hated, and filling nearly 74% of the dog adoption homes and dog pounds. It needs to stop now. We are what started it, and we are the ones that can stop it. Please help save the innocent Pit Bulls from being forgotten in adoption homes for the rest of their lonely lives. Stop the BSL from killing these innocent dogs.

BSL isn't just discrimination against dogs; it's a discrimination against people as well. Responsible homeowners and dogs will suffer as their homeowner's insurance will rise. Displaced homeowners will find it even more difficult to find housing. Innocent dogs will be euthanized in shelters based solely on their breed. And it won't fix the problem.
The problem is responsible dog ownership regardless of breed.
The courts say pit bulls are "vicious." Not only is their evidence to the contrary (outlined in the petition letter), but it is innocent people and pets that will suffer. Help stop BSL

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What is BSL?

BSL is an ethical failure. BSL is a public safety failure.
Breed-specific legislation (BSL) bans OR restricts certain types of dogs based on their appearance because they are perceived as "dangerous" breeds or types of dogs.

**It is a common misconception that BSL refers only to breed bans. BSL is seen in two forms: bans and restrictions.**

A breed ban usually requires that all dogs of a certain appearance ("targeted breed") be removed from the municipality wherein the ban has been implemented. After the effective date of the ban, dogs in the municipality that are identified as targeted breeds are usually subject to being killed by animal control, though in some cases, such dogs may be saved if relocation is an option. Breed bans may have grandfather clauses that allow dogs of targeted breeds to stay in the ban area (provided they are registered with the municipality by a certain date, and likely subject to various breed-specific restrictions).

Breed-specific restrictions may require an owner of a targeted breed do any of the following or more, depending on how the law is written:

Muzzle the dog in public
Spay or neuter the dog
Contain the dog in a kennel with specific requirements (6' chain link walls, lid, concrete floors, etc.)
Keep the dog on a leash of specific length or material
Purchase liability insurance of a certain amount
Place "vicious dog" signs on the outside of the residence where the dog lives
Make the dog wear a "vicious dog" tag or other identifying marker

Breed-specific legislation applies only to dogs of a certain appearance, not to any and all dogs. It does not take into account how the owner has raised, trained, or managed the dog. It does not take into account the dog's actual behavior.
Why Is BSL Wrong?

BSL does not improve public safety or prevent dog bites.
BSL ignores the plight of victims and potential victims of non-targeted breeds.
BSL is costly.
BSL requires each and every dog to be identified as a breed—something that has proven impossible to do accurately and objectively.
BSL makes targeted breeds more desirable to irresponsible and criminal owners.
BSL does nothing to make irresponsible dog owners accountable.
BSL punishes responsible dog owners.
Not a single canine welfare organization supports BSL.

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