Stop brands destroying their own products to keep them "exclusive"

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Burberry have burned over 110 MILLION dollars (£90 million) worth of stock in the last 5 years just to keep its brand "exclusive". 

They would rather see their clothes burned than discounting them where (horror of horrors) poorer people might buy them. 

Many, many brands do this secretly, and I call for this practice to be made illegal. Brands need to find better ways to offload their unsold stock (and become better at keeping overstock to a minimum). 

The wastefulness is disgusting. Even if the energy from the burning is captured, incinerating bags and clothing for energy is perhaps the most inefficient way to create energy ever invented. The time, materials and energy that goes into making luxury items of clothing are lost forever.

When there are people all around the world who can't afford new clothes for themselves and their children it is criminal to be destroying useful goods. 

If a brand can't keep its customers loyal without artificially making its clothing scarce, then it does not deserve to have those customers' loyalty. 

I'm calling on the UK, EU, USA and Canadian governments to put forward bills to make this practice illegal. 

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Tara Button
Author of A Life Less Throwaway