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Stop big oil companies from funding corruption in Africa


Right now, some of the world’s biggest oil companies are fighting to keep some very big secrets.

Most of Africa is rich in resources. Equatorial Guinea is blessed with oil. But more than 70% of people live in extreme poverty - even with this multi-billion dollar treasure. Why? Because oil companies make secret deals with governments, enabling corrupt leaders to put billions into their own pockets.

Oil companies - by law - must reveal what they pay. But now, oil company lobbyists are pressuring the Securities and Exchange Commission to secretly kill the best parts of the law and keep these deals hidden. 

Tell the SEC to put an end to these closed door deals once and for all.

When the US Congress passed the Cardin-Lugar Amendment in 2010, it was a big step forward in combating corruption. When we can see what African governments are paid, we can make sure money is spent saving lives and building schools, not lining the pockets of the politically powerful.

We’ve got to make sure that when the SEC acts (rumor has it they're doing this very soon), big oil companies don’t change the rules behind our backs.

Corruption deprives nations of their future. Let’s put an end to this outrage today.

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