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Stop Big Companies from Burning Our Forests


Right now, energy companies are cutting and burning our Southeastern forests to make electricity in power plants. Burning trees for electricity creates more carbon pollution than coal, gas and oil. It's a dirty process that destroys our forests.

Three companies--Enviva LP, Dominion Power, and Drax Group--lead the industry in cutting and burning forests for electricity. Virginia-based Dominion Power and UK-based Drax Group buy millions of tons of wood from our Southern forests for fuel. Enviva, the South’s largest wood pellet manufacturer, supplies them both—and plans to double production in the coming years.

Defend our forests - tell these companies that burning trees for energy isn't green!

This petition was delivered to:
  • Chairman and CEO, Enviva LP
    John K. Keppler
  • Chairman and CEO, Dominion Power
    Thomas F. Farrel II
  • CEO, Drax Group
    Dorothy Thompson

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