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You've probably heard of the pet food brand Royal Canin, but what you definitely won't have heard of is that in recent months, Royal Canin has sponsored dog shows in Ukraine which have featured the barbaric practice of bear baiting.

We find it hypocritical that a pet food producer who claims to put "dogs and cats first" enables this cruel activity, where hunting dogs in training are let loose on a chained up bear, who is left almost defenceless to the onslaught.

Based on our information, around 15 to 20 bears are exposed to bear baiting in Ukraine. We have brought this information to the attention of the Ukrainian authorities and hope to be able to act quickly. We have also asked Royal Canin for a meeting to constructively discuss this situation and provide sanctuary for these abused bears, but they chose to ignore our solution.

This is outrageous and unacceptable. We need you to call on Royal Canin to take responsibility! Please send your protest mail now. Thank you.

The following email will be sent to Royal Canin Offices.

Letter to
I am outraged to learn that Royal Canin has sponsored bear baiting in Ukraine

Dear Sir and Madam,

I am outraged to find out that bear baiting takes place in Ukraine. Even more so that Royal Canin has sponsored these events in recent months. How can a company that claims to put "dogs and cats first", support a practice where hunting dogs in training are let loose on chained up brown bears? In addition to this barbaric practice, once the onslaught is over, the bears are kept in extremely poor conditions.

I urge Royal Canin to immediately halt all its sponsorships of these activities and take on responsibility to support FOUR PAWS' work, in line with the Ukrainian authorities. All bears currently abused in Ukraine for bear baiting should be rehomed in an appropriate environment, suited to their needs.

I look forward to your response

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