Stop Bathla Overdevelopment in Kate Place, Quakers Hill

Stop Bathla Overdevelopment in Kate Place, Quakers Hill

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The LEC Commissioner (The Commissioner, Land and Environment Court, NSW)

Why this petition matters

Started by Tracey Reynolds

Please help stop overdevelopment in the Blacktown LGA by Bathla Group. Bathla is a rich, foreign-owned developer that has bought vast amounts of land in Quakers Hill, Riverstone, Schofields and the Hills District. 

Bathla submitted Development Application - DA-21-01660 to subdivide 21 Burdekin Road, Quakers Hill into 4 lots, creating a battle-axe block at the end of Kate Place. All access, including building, will be through there. Kate Place is a long, narrow cul-de-sac; there’s just enough room for 1 car to pass - NOT a convoy of heavy machinery and large building trucks. 

The proposed development has room for just 1 single garage per dwelling - NO other parking or turning circle on the block. This would mean reversing for up to 10 metres to exit the properties - a death trap, especially for children. With no onsite parking, the only place for potentially 16 extra cars to park is at Kate Place. Council bin collection would be impossible. 

The residents of Kate Place and Jocelyn Boulevard complained and the proposal was rejected by Blacktown City Council (BCC).

Although there is a law stating that battle-axe blocks can only be subdivided into 2, Bathla took BCC straight to the Land & Environment Court (LEC) without our knowledge - an expensive move. This effectively means that rich developers don’t have to follow the rules, only we do. We are not opposed to subdivision of the land into 2 or access through Kate Place after ALL building is completed, provided the homes have onsite parking and bin collection access.

We need to stop BATHLA and other developers changing our way of life with horrendous traffic, overpopulation, no infrastructure, trees or plants. Where are the leafy green suburbs we used to live in? All the trees have been destroyed and there’s now a concrete jungle filled with houses and cars. Your street could be next!

The Conciliation Conference is set for Tuesday, 17th May. The LEC Commissioner will be on site at 21 Burdekin Road and we will be able to voice our concerns to him or her. If you live in Quakers Hill, Schofields, Riverstone or anywhere else in the Blacktown LGA or the Hills District, please sign this petition before Friday 6th May. We request that only residents of these areas sign, so the court will consider our petition. This is an important first step in stopping overdevelopment so please support us.

Please include your street or at least suburb in the comments. If you don't feel comfortable sharing your address on-line then copy and paste the letter below and email it to Michelle Rowland MP, Kevin Conolly MP and Tony Bleasdale asking for their support. CC Lachlan Penninkilampi from Lindsay Taylor Lawyers ( He is the solicitor handling our case. 

Michelle Rowland MP


Phone: 02 9671 4780

Kevin Conolly:

Home page:

Phone: (02) 8883 3499

Mayor, Councillor Tony Bleasdale:

Phone: 0428 551 306


1,897 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!