Stop Barnes and Noble Bookstore from selling so many (over 50) gun magazines!

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My 9-year-old daughter recently noticed that Barnes and Noble Bookstores sell over 50 different magazines that support guns. They have multiple magazines that promote AR-15 assault rifles, magazines that show you how to build your own AK-47 rifle, how to master alternative shooting positions and so on.

Barnes and Noble Bookstores give everyone, including children, direct access to over 50 magazines that promote guns and violence.

After my daughter complained to our local bookstore with a threat that we would boycott and protest in front of the store, the manager did make one change: All the gun magazines were moved from a middle section to the back top row where children could not readily access them. If they are willing to fold so easily under the pressure of my 9-year-old daughter, maybe they will follow suit and just stop selling those magazines.

We have contacted the upper management of Barnes and Noble but received no response. The national group Women Against Gun Violence did respond and they've joined our fight against Barnes and Noble. My 9-year-old daughter has been asked to be a guest speaker at their 25th anniversary luncheon later this month and they will initiate a "postcard" campaign to encourage a boycott of Barnes and Noble Bookstores until they stop selling gun magazines.

Join our fight!! Support my 9-year-old daughter Madison!