Stop Barbaric Plan to Open A Dog Meat Market to Slaughter Strays in Nairobi

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The governor of Nairobi, Kenya made a shocking announcement in a Facebook post recently -- he wants to open a dog meat market to slaughter and butcher the stray dogs of the city, and sell their flesh for meat.

On June 25th, Governor Sonko posted a video of a street market selling dog carcasses, with the caption, "We are in the process of identifying a market for stray dogs in Nairobi where we shall be recruiting and bringing together all the dog eating nationalities and open for them a koroga club where they'll be buying slaughtered stray dogs ready for cooking or eating."

Not only is this idea completely barbaric and inhumane for the dog victims, but selling the meat of strays for human consumption could pose serious health risks for people, making this an issue of public health as well as animal cruelty.

Cruelty and butchering are not appropriate population management tools for any animal. Nairobi officials must understand that the rest of the world is against the horrific dog meat industry and will fight this plan every step of the way.

Sign the petition to tell Governor Sonko to abandon this plan immediately and find more humane ways to help the stray dogs of Nairobi.