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Stop AVA killing the Bukit Brown Dogs on the "Terrorizing" cyclist incident: Stop killing the innocent dogs involved in this matter

This is a case of meaningless killing of innocent lives by AVA on their so-call response to the 'public' which is only one person as stated in the news. AVA did not do the neccessary investigations and reacted by giving the dogs death rows. The dogs do not deserve death. they did nothing wrong. If living by instinct is wrong, all i could say is that we are all living in a very ungracious world. Very unforgiving against mistakes and no compassion towards needys in the society. Please help them and save them from meaningless killing by AVA. For the latest updates, the dogs have been sterilise by SOSD and they have been sent back to their home, in the cememtry. Imagine that when someone transpasses your house and they accuse you of robbing them in your house and now you have been sentence to death by the authorities who think they know everything. how would you feel? This is how the innocent dogs feel. It is unfair to them. If the dogs could talk, would you lisetn to them?Live and breathe no culliing. Let this be an example of how other incidents have result in killings and it have to be stop.

Letter to
Chairman, AVA Mr Koh Soo Keong
Minister for Foreign Affairs & Mr K Shanmugam
Minister for Law Mr K Shanmugam
and 5 others
Animal Welfare Director Ms. Deirdre Moss
Assistant Director, Animal Welfare Section Dr. Lou Ek hee
Senior Minister of State Mr HENG Chee How
Deputy Speaker Mr Charles Chong
Chief Executive Officer Ms TAN Poh Hong
Please stop killing the innocent dogs involved in the Bukit Brown incident.This senseless GENOCIDE has to stop. SOSD have taken investigation steps towards understanding if the dogs did what the cyclist said and they have proven that the dogs did not. Please do not only listen to one side of the story and condemn 'lower' life forms. Please also do not categorize life in hierarchy. A life of a dog is also a life as compared to a life of a human. We breathe the same air and eat the same food. Do not condemn them because they are strays. The society is becoming more uncompassionate and unforgiving. If the 1st step towards a more gracious and forgiving society i would say it begins with how we treat the animals. By killing them unnecessarily is not the way to go about it. AVA perhaps can learn from how SOSD did their investigation part to find out the truth. Do not make us lose faith in a fair society. Please take a moment to think about ending a life. Please do not say that because we are animals lovers and so we reacted more then the others. We reacted because we value life.
Thank you

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