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Deny AT&T's application to install a Wireless Communications Facility at the Carmel Valley Library

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AT&T wants to install a Wireless Communications Facility consisting of 12 antennas and 24 RRUs and associated equipment at the Carmel Valley Library. 

The residents of Carmel Valley are opposed to this proposed project for the following reasons:

1) Health risks associated with exposure to this type of facility.

2) Potential impact to home values.

3) Negative impact to the aesthetics of the Carmel Valley Library.

4) Noise and safety concerns associated with the construction project.

5) No benefit to the residents of Carmel Valley.


Most importantly, this is a potential health concern for the children of Carmel Valley.  The library itself is used regularly by children and other residents of Carmel Valley.  In addition, it is located adjacent to Solana Pacific Elementary School which is home to over five hundred 4th, 5th and 6th grade students.  In addition, the library is also adjacent to a residential community.  This is a densely developed area and the library is in very close proximity to the school and homes.  This is not an appropriate location for this type of facility. 

A study by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) found that there was a significant difference in radiation absorbed by 5 year olds (skull thickness .5mm), 10 year olds (skull thickness 1mm) and adults (skull thickness 2mm).  This study relates specifically to mobile phone radiation where the phone is placed next to the head, which is different to the radiation exposure experienced from a base station, however we can clearly see that skull thickness and therefore age play a factor in radiation penetration.

In an article titled "The Sensitivity of Children to Electromagnetic Fields" written by researchers at the Department of Epidemiology, University of California School of Public Health, Los Angeles, California, they stated, "Consistent epidemiologic evidence of an association between childhood leukemia and exposure to extremely low frequency (ELF) magnetic fields has led to their classification by the International Agency for Research on Cancer as a "possible human carcinogen." Concerns about the potential vulnerability of children to radio frequency (RF) fields have been raised because of the potentially greater susceptibility of their developing nervous systems; in addition, their brain tissue is more conductive, RF penetration is greater relative to head size, and they will have a longer lifetime of exposure than adults."

In addition to the health concerns, AT&T is proposing to build two very tall towers on the existing library to house these antennas.  This will create an eyesore and drastically change the aesthetics of the library and the skyline of Carmel Valley.  Many residents of the adjacent Antares community have homes that look directly out onto the library.  This will alter and obstruct the view from their homes. 

Finally, this proposed project has many negative impacts on our community and does not offer anything positive in return.  Sure, AT&T claims that we will have improved cell phone reception.  This may be true, but at what expense?  We are exposing our children and residents of our community to a possible health threat.  We will potentially see decreased home values in the adjacent residential community.  We are destroying the architectural design of our library and altering the skyline in a negative way.  We are creating an unnecessary construction project that will be a nuisance to the adjacent residents, the children at Solana Pacific and the patrons of the library.  This construction project could also pose a safety hazard to our children walking to school since there will be construction vehicles entering and exiting the library driveway.  This project would bring revenue to the City of San Diego, but not necessarily directly to Carmel Valley.  The revenue will go to a general fund and not even directly benefit the library where this would be located.  It is a lose, lose situation for the residents of Carmel Valley.

Please sign this petition and let AT&T and the City of San Diego know that we do not want a Wireless Communication Facility at our library and near our schools.

AT&T, we are your customers and we are telling you that we do not want a base station at our library.  Please listen to your customers and find a more appropriate location.

City of San Diego officials, we are your constituents and we are asking you to deny AT&T's application to install a Wireless Communications Facility at the Carmel Valley Library.

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