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Stop Anti-Women Groups From Shaping Reproductive Health Policy


We have a chance to undo one of the worst decisions of this administration when it comes to women's reproductive health and make birth control for women free by designating it preventative health care. The

Department of Health and Human Services is revisiting its earlier decision on this issue. In fact, HHS issued hearings on what services should be considered preventative care for women and a panel of experts will issue a recommendation to HHS about what services should be free under the new health reform law.

Yet again, it appears the Catholic Bishops and other anti-woman groups are the ones shaping these discussions.

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops testified formally during the first meeting of the panel. Why are Bishops weighing what does or doesn't qualify as preventative health care for women?

HHS has a unique opportunity to decide to give women complete and comprehensive health care, including critically important reproductive health care.

Help ensure women's reproductive health is covered in preventative care: tell the Department of Health and Human Services to listen to women, not the Catholic Bishops, and mandate free access to birth control.

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