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Law-makers are moving forward as of March of 2018 with Bills. USBFE has been in business for over a decade and have been very successful at what we do. Our company alone has worked over 4,000 plus cases and brought back many dangerous criminals at zero expenses to the tax payers. This is a service Bounty Hunters provide to the Bail Bond Company and also should be considered one for the Minnesota Tax payer keeping their streets safe. Bounty Hunters have had 90% good luck with Law Enforcement and the other 10% bad as Police Officers are not educated enough about Bail Enforcement to know what we can do and not do. At this meeting numerous statutes were provided to Law Makers that need to be followed as normal everyday citizens. We support the BLUE (Law Enforcement) 100% and always have. What Bounty Hunters do not support and will not tolerate is a industry under attack by Law-Makers that have no idea about it. This is why talks began last year at the capitol to educate them. 

Ideas were brought up by a failed Bounty Hunter that only has his own benefits in mind and not that of the Bail Business. These idea's consisted of heavy regulation and truly showed how much he does not care about the business. Ideas were also brought up by House Representative Nick Zerwas & Senators to regulate the Bounty Hunting Industry and we would like to touch on these ideas as being bad for Minnesota and it's citizens. USBFE stance upon this discussion was who is going to pay for this? And what department is going to oversee such which will then have to take the burden of regulating Bounty Hunters, who was going to enforce it (Laws on books now aren't being enforced) so regulations and news laws are going to help? We don't think so! We believe it will be a waste of money for Tax payers and anyone involved on it. The Private Detective Board currently has 2 Agents overseeing 9,000 license holders and they can't keep up with the complaints they already have and nothing would get looked into at all quickly.You will have recovery companies and Bail Companies calling and complaining about each-other as they are competitors. It would be ridiculous. USBFE employees have been nominated for Citizen of the Year in Ramsey County by the Apprehension Team once, had letters of commendations from many Law Enforcement Agencies including Federal (ICE) for assisting on apprehension they would not have otherwise been able to be found without our help. The problem isn't the Bounty Hunting industry... the problem is a few bad apples that need to be pulled from the Apple Tree, dealt with on individual basis to conclude the problem.

All Bounty Hunters are not bad and there are so many professional companies out here in Minnesota and two people, do not reflect all of us in Minnesota or the industry of Bail Recovery.    

It was brought up that anyone just getting out of prison as a felon can buy a Bounty Hunter Badge and go work as a Bounty Hunter in Minnesota. But they can also go buy a Police Badge and play cop, or a Security Badge so they can play security guard, or a McDonald's uniform and play fast food worker. They maybe all able to buy these things but at the end of the day they have to get work. No bail bond company is going to just hand files over to someone they don't know or someone they haven't looked into. That is insane and rather insulting that some actually believe that. 

There is no statistical facts or numbers proving Regulations or Laws are necessary or showing Bounty Hunters are repeat problems in Minnesota that would require regulations or laws (2) people is not a good number. Concerns show that a few individuals that think they are Bounty Hunters are the problem or ones that think they are cops while playing Bounty Hunters. It is a witch-hunt based on a few actions of Bounty Hunters in MN. Bounty Hunters perform a free Warrant Service to Minnesotans and help reduce criminals on the streets and also warrant numbers in metro and state counties. Warrant numbers are at an all time high! When we speak to Patrol Officers they tell us they are not allowed to be out looking for warrants and their job is to answer calls. Warrants Teams which Hennepin and Ramsey do have are under budgeted and arrest defendants when they can but are usually focused on violent crimes only. This leaves all other felony warrants and levels of warrants untouched hoping Patrol Officers get them or they are picked up somewhere else. This is where BOUNTY HUNTERS come in and help plug away at these numbers. Any form of Regulation would be a stepping stone to end Bail Enforcement all together for Bounty Hunters and cause huge financial burdens on Bail Bond Companies not being able to capture their Bail Jumpers, more criminals will be on the streets to be able to re-offend etc. History has shown one regulation leads to twenty and that is not what are industry needs.

An example is New Jersey with a heavily regulated Commercial Bail Industry has now costed themselves 55 Million dollars due to no Bail Bonds, rather Cash Bails and no one to recover them when they miss court other than Law Enforcement and jails over crowding where offenders are forced to be released as there is no room for them. I do not want to see this happen in Minnesota. Crime rates will go up, more offenders will be on the streets and Bounty Hunters will not be able to recover them as it is a cash bond with the courts rather then with a Bail Bond Company.

With the current Bill that has been drafted it would be a Discretionary License by the Private Detectives Board. It will be clear abuse of discretionary powers in the end, in conclusion end of the Bounty Hunting industry in the State of Minnesota. 

Bounty Hunters date back a hundred years or so, where fugitives would be brought in by uncommon lawman. Minnesota has had a industry of Bounty Hunting/Bail Enforcement for over 25 years. As any of you all know, with one regulation comes twenty and at the end of it everything is disbanded and the Bounty Hunting Field will be no-more. Fugitives being arrested by Bounty Hunters are being arrested on skipping bail and it is at (0) expense to the Taxpayer. County Sheriff Offices in Minnesota have thousands of warrants and Bounty Hunters are reducing these numbers for citizens and the Law Enforcement community. The burden of regulating this industry will fall back onto all of you (the taxpayer). This is a prime example of Government over-reach in Minnesota and it needs to be nipped in the butt. These lawmakers will be taking food right off Bounty Hunters tables and it will be going right back into someone else's pocket. The warrant numbers will go up in counties and more criminals will be freely on the streets. Bounty Hunters have no jurisdiction and fugitives can not hide long with us on the street. Support your local Bounty Hunters and Bail Bondsman and lets combat this together. Say NO to Regulation and come voting time, votes should reflect their decision's throughout the year on Regulation & Laws in Minnesota. Help keep your community safer and keep Bounty Hunters on the streets of Minnesota

Sadly Senators and House Representatives have no respect for the bail industry or Bounty Hunters. All we do apparently in their eyes is ride around in cars all day, with a couple of seasons of Dog the Bounty Hunter on our front seat. truth is... Bounty Hunting is nothing like that. It is very dangerous and Bounty Hunters have lost their lives trying to make an honest living chasing fugitives. We have lost many friends in this profession all around the country, being cold bloodily killed. So this perception is very insulting and degrading for those that have lost their lives chasing a fugitive.

Below House Rep. Nick Zerwas is on the committee floor for HF839 stating this. Please view at 1:19:00 he even states that cars used by Bounty Hunters with MARSHAL on their cars, etc. Its never happened ever in Minnesota nor have those decals ever been used. It is assumptions of this Representative and in poor taste. We have attempted to meet on middle ground with this with Law-makers and Rep. Zerwas and at this time are being ignored. This Potential Bill is in its birth stage, where it needs to stay or be tabled.

Bounty Hunters have been silent for long enough and need to get this out there. We love our community and the State of Minnesota. Perhaps we should look into criminal records of State Senators and Representatives and bring attention to that? This is ridiculous! 

We ask that all of you come together with us on this FIGHT to combat government discretionary abuse causing monopolization on small recovery businesses in Minnesota by Law-makers. Other lobbyist groups are being formed in Minnesota also to protect the Bail Recovery Business. Any and all citizens and Bounty Hunters 

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