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Stop Animal Torture at Mexican Slaughterhouses

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Animal Equality and Mercy For Animals have teamed up to expose and end the torture of animals at slaughterhouses across Mexico.

Our investigators visited a total of 20 government-owned-and-operated slaughterhouses across Mexico. The animal abuse they documented on video is truly disgusting:

  • Animals painfully shocked with electric prongs on their faces and other sensitive areas of their bodies, including their eyes
  • Workers wrapping chains around the animals’ legs and hanging them upside down, the animals struggling in terror to right themselves
  • Animals stabbed repeatedly as they bellow in distress and slowly die, choking on their own blood and vomit
  • Animals languishing in pain for extended periods of time after being cut open, some even scalded alive

This blatant animal abuse has no place in a civilized society and does not reflect the values of the majority of Mexican people, who care about animal welfare.  

As long as animals are slaughtered for food, the least we can do is ensure they are rendered unconscious and insensible to pain before they are cut open or scalded alive.

Please join Animal Equality and Mercy For Animals in calling on the Federal Government of Mexico to pass legislation making it a crime to slaughter animals without first rendering them unconscious and insensible to pain.

It’s time for stronger laws in Mexico to help prevent this egregious animal abuse. This is a common-sense measure that would greatly alleviate the suffering of millions of animals a year in Mexico.

Thank you.

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