How many lives are you still willing to take in order to look prettier?

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Eyes taken, skin ripped, and loss of extremities are just some of the things animals suffer when experimentation is done on them.

Why should we test on animals when we can do it with actual artificial human skin?

Nowadays with the advances of technology many ways to replace animal testing have been developed, which were proven not only to be more accurate but cheaper and faster. 

Costurex for example is a substitute for rabbit skin, which gives accurate results in less than 3 hours, softwares such as the topkat software were created to predict toxicity and even virtual organs. 

The most famous method nowayadays, articial human skin, goes on developing better and better. 

So, is it possible that we have ran out of excuses to keep killing and torturing animals just for hiding a pimple or adding color to our chicks? The answer could not be clearer, yes.

The solutions are right in front lf us, in the past years 58000 people died in Germany only for side effects of cosmetic and farmaceutic products, and thousands of other cases have been taking place along the years. 

While searching for the possibilities a product has to transmit cancer by animal testing costs around 400 thousand dollars in 8 years, all the other ways that do not test on animals cost no more than 4 thousand dollars and the results are given within days. 

And this is just the beginning, technology evolves faster everyday, and it can be fully certified that even more methods will be diacovered, and it is on us to stop the massive murders of innocent animals which at the end is not as half as productive as the other ways

Brands like Maybellin, OPI, MAC, Victoria’s secret, Nars and Revlon are sadly STILL testing on animals, and because the brands are so big, millions of animals are hurt or murdered, so once again, only we have the power to stop it. 

And last but not least, here goes a question each of us should be asking to theirselves:

Who gave us the right to own lives that belong to living beings that breath and eat just like we do?

Having a voice does not come along with having power over others, and not having a voice does not give others the right to act over you. 

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