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Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiaries represent a vast corporation with billions in annual revenue. As one of the largest and most important companies in the US, Johnson & Johnson is uniquely situated to lead the way in cruelty-free production methods. Unfortunately, Johnson & Johnson refuses to ban its use of animal testing and asserts that it only tests on animals "when necessary." When testing Sucralose, better known as the sugar substitute Splenda, Johnson & Johnson found it "necessary" to contract an organization to poison dogs, monkeys, rabbits, and rodents with its product. Over 12,000 animals were killed in the process, all so Johnson & Johnson could market a low-calorie sweetner. The Splenda horror is hardly an isolated incident. We therefore urge Johnson & Johnson to do away entirely with animal testing and become a leader in cruelty-free production.

Letter to
J & J Board of Directors Mary Sue Coleman
J & J Board of Directors Susan L. Lindquist
I am greatly distressed to learn that Johnson & Johnson still tests its products on animals, though it maintains that it only tests on animals when necessary. This practice is cruel and utterly inhumane. Moreover, it is unnecessary in an age where alternatives to such testing exist, such as cell cultures and computer simulations. As other companies have found ways to take animal testing out of their product manufacturing process, it is unconscionable that Johnson & Johnson continues. I strongly urge Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiaries to find alternative means for the testing of all its products.

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