Stop Animal Neglect at Pets Plus - Reptiles & Exotic Fish

Stop Animal Neglect at Pets Plus - Reptiles & Exotic Fish

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Nancy Ortiz started this petition

Pets Plus' treatment of the animals in their care is appalling. Sign to cease their business operations and prevent future animals from suffering.

When I visited in person on 4/10/22, there was a white dwarf hamster, bloodied and possibly deceased, on display in an enclosure. Another patron had to get a staff member to remove its body.

When I saw their guinea pigs, I could tell one was sick. It was breathing heavily and was too weak to stand. They advised a manager would take a look at it, but they "could not guarantee it was actually sick." I bought this pig in the hopes of saving its life.

The emergency vet informed me this guinea pig was "as sick as they get." It has infections and its body temperature was so low it could not be read. Unfortunately, after medication, oxygen, and other treatments, this guinea pig passed away. Before he passed, I named him Bean. He suffered until the very end, and, based on the stories from others, Bean is not the first from this store to do do. 

When I said I rescued this guinea pig from a local pet store, the vet replied without hesitation, "Was it Pets Plus in Lockport?" Their reputation precedes them.

The staff at Pets Plus insisted it was store policy that I purchase a box of guinea pig food when I purchased the pig. However, it had to be a brand of the staff's choosing; I was given an opened box that did not have timothy hay as a main ingredient. Timothy hay is the backbone of a guinea pig's diet. 

The entire store is dirty; dirt and dust covers every surface. When I lifted a small pet bed to examine out of a pile for sale near the dog kennels, it was covered in hair as though it had already been slept in.

Their online reviews show a history of complaints and previous abuse. Their Yelp review is a 2/5. Their previous Facebook page was abandoned for poor reviews in 2016. A Google search will show protests and previous petitions with the same goal, some of which resulted in investigations into Pets Plus. My goal is to make our concerns heard for a more thorough crackdown. 

Please sign to stop Pets Plus from selling animals and shut down their business. This petition will be sent to Mayor Michelle Roman of Lockport, NY for her assistance in revoking Pets Plus' NYS Pet Dealer's License, as well as permits for the sale of exotic animals issued by the Department of Conservation.

Please note an inquiry was also sent to the Niagara County SPCA for their assistance, and a complaint was made to the Department of Agriculture and Marketing.

If you have time, kindly submit your owm complaint with the Department of Agriculture and Marketing against Pets Plus in Lockport, NY. If enough people participate, we might get the support we need. Simply scroll down to the yellow bar and click "File a Complaint About a Pet Dealer." Their address for the form is: 421 West Ave, Lockport, NY 14094.

I am not veterinarian, nor am I well-versed in pet licenses. However, I strive to educate myself enough on these topics to achieve justice for animals that are suffering. Please help me in my cause!

711 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!