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"Death is not quick for dogs and cats who are gassed. Locked in dark boxes and slowly suffocated, the dogs commonly scream and the cats go berserk, trying to claw their way out. Many go into convulsions as they struggle for air and try to escape." -PETA.

After reading this, I couldn't stop thinking about it all day. How could these poor animals be euthanized so inhumanely? Whoever has an animal knows just how lovable they are, but also how helpless they are. They rely on us and trust us do the right thing for them. 

There are so many dogs & cats without a home or family, living a horrible life in shelters and then they are being tortured until the minute they stop breathing. It's unfair and cruel. To think of any animal in this position brings tears to my eyes. I can't believe I even HAVE to start a petition in regards to this but I can't stand by seeing nothing done about it.

PLEASE help stop this. Sign this petition & pass it along. I will send it to state legislatures for states in which this practice is still legal. Thank you!

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  • Stop Animal Gassing Chambers

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