Above The Law

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Remove Jerry Clase as Animal Control Officer,Approximately 3 weeks ago my former dog Kenai was taken in to custody by ACO Jerry Clase ofKosciusko County in the state of Indiana. After a apparent attack on my brother in law. My sisters had taken kenai cause I could not facilitate him. After this Kosciusko County Sheriff's Department was called an Kenai was taken in to custody by Mr. Clase 20 minutes later I was informed by text message. I call the sheriff department Mr Clase had gone off duty. I called next morning Clase said kenai was dead by his own admission to me he took kenai to a site shot him cut off his head then thrown his body in a dump site.As I discovered later Mr.Clase has been neglecting an killing animals for years. Countless eyewitnesses an statements made about Mr Clase.County Commissioners prosecuting attorneysaid there was nothing to prove him liable for any of these statements. petitions on websites television news stories and he still can't be held accountable? now his own admission to me? Indiana state law section I IC 35-46-3-22 stage a dog is to be taken into custody then quarantine for 10 days if the dog deemed vicious then it would be euthanized. approximately 5 days agoin Kosciusko County arrested and booked into jail for neglect and abuse of an animal? Animal Welfare League says that yes he is doing wrong he's not our employee.if I have to introduce and help pass a law that holds accountable any animal control officer that it is proven they  neglect and abused animals and in this case murdering them be held accountable for their actions.