Stop Anderson high School from being racist towards native Americans/traditional ways

Stop Anderson high School from being racist towards native Americans/traditional ways

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Why this petition matters

Started by Nathan Cole

The Anti-Native racism displayed here at ANDERSON HIGH SCHOOL, Anderson, Indiana (IG @ andersonhighschoolathletics if anyone wants to tell them what you think) is enraging on so many levels; the crowd apathy, the headdresses, the mockery of our sacred canupa (pipe), the fact this is still happening in 2022. Those of us who walk this traditional path of life know full well how utterly disrespectful their parody of a pipe ceremony is. Call, email, post, reshare and educate yourself about these matters:

Indian Maiden and Mascot Sponsor: Anita Smith Email: (This individual organizes this racist spectacle with the students)

District School Board Dr. Patrick Hill, President East District (765) 617-7542

Jeff Barranco, Vice President South District (850) 590-5866

Holly Renz, Secretary East District (765) 621-2725

Diane Airhart, Member At Large (765) 717-6811

Carrie Bale, Assistant Secretary Central District (765) 623-6611

Jean Chaille, Member Central District (765) 610-9410

When you send an email or make a call issue the demands below: 1.) This fake "peace pipe ceremony" needs to STOP ✋ IMMEDIATELY in ALL its forms. 3.) An APOLOGY and acknowledgement of what was done needs to be publicly issued 4.) The "Anderson Indians" need to immediately drop their name and ridiculous logo 5.) They take steps to revise their entire curriculum to teach the history of the people whose land their school sits on 6.) Administrators issue statement admitting they are WRONG for teaching their students racism is ok. Our culture is NOT a prop for the entertainment of non-Native spectators. We are NOT dead. We are still here living on OUR lands. There is no excuse in 2022.


126 have signed. Let’s get to 200!