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Stop an Oil-Fueled Tragedy in the Arctic Ocean

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You can help this mother polar bear and her cub.

Polar bears and hundreds of other majestic creatures depend on a healthy Arctic Ocean for survival, but their habitat is at risk. The federal government continues to move toward offshore oil drilling in this wild and wonderful environment, and one thing we know is that where drilling occurs, spills follow.

Shell's 2012 effort to drill in the U.S. Arctic was plagued by mistakes and problems. And the fact remains that the oil industry cannot adequately contain a spill in the Arctic Ocean. A single accident could lead to serious environmental degradation and impact the region's coastal communities.

We should not put the Arctic's polar bears, ice seals, belugas and many other iconic inhabitants in harm's way.

Right now, oil companies have their eyes set on the U.S. Arctic's Beaufort and Chukchi seas. The federal government has the power to keep offshore waters free of new oil drilling, and we the people can influence our government. Let's do it.

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