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Stop Allowing the Abuse at the Tooele, Utah Animal Shelter (TAS)

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 January 2011 Purrfect Pawprints a rescue group met with Tooele Chief of Police, to address the inhumane treatment of the animals under current shelter management. This was not the first time the group had brought issues of inhumane treatment to the chief’s attention since 2008, yet nothing has been done. Animals continue to die daily under their watch and the adoption rate is nonexistent now that Purrfect Pawprints has been banned from the shelter. Prior to June 23, 2011 Purrfect Pawprints had 24/7 access and was close to achieving a "No Kill" status for the animal shelter.




Without the work and support of Purrfect Pawprints, the Tooele Animal Shelter has once again become a "high-kill facility" under the current practices of shelter management. The cruel reality is the mayor, chief and city council don’t care. Management does not even try to find homes for the animals. No calling of rescues or foster homes. In fact, when an animal is picked up and brought to the shelter, management has indicated it’s not their job to check for a microchip and the animal gets euthanized if the owners have not called the shelter to see if their animal was picked up.

Our goal is to get the word out to as many people as possible and prove to the mayor, the chief and city council members that people all over are watching and they are horrified by the way animals in the shelter are treated and that the current practices have been allowed to continue for years.

If you are in the Salt Lake City area, please check the Purrfect Pawprints Facebook page for the date we’re presenting our petition and findings to the city council and the mayor. The more people, the more they will realize people are determined to help these animals. No more euthanizing a cat because the budget doesn’t allow for purchase of more cat litter!

No matter where you live, please make your concerns known to the following individuals by phone, email or letter:

Mayor Dunlavy:

Chief Kirby:

City Council

Scott Wardle

Steve Pruden

Mike Johnson





Dave McCall



Shawn Milne



If you write, keep your letters succinct and respectful. Let the city leaders know that people from all over are condemning what is going on at the TAS and demand that changes listed in the petition be made. Remind them there is a viable alternative: make Tooele a no kill community.

Please speak your voice for all the animals living and dead. If you’ve already written, thank you. If you have more to say to city leaders – write again. Let them know we are watching and still horrified.



Warning- Graphic photo. Clover,  the female cat pictured was dropped off at the shelter early in the evening by a police officer. Shelter management was called and given the critical and urgent condition of the cat who had a cable embedded around her waist with severely infected open wounds and visible pain. Shelter management was supposed to come in that evening after the officer had placed the call to euthanize the cat. Instead, shelter management left the cat in the small box overnight with no food , water or litter box. The Tooele Chief of police simply called this " misscommunication" in a July article in Tooele Transcript newspaper.

 Purrfect pawprints found the cat at the shelter the next morning still in the box. The veterinarian who performed the surgery said the cable had been embedded around Clover’s waist for at least year. Clover is alive, doing well and was adopted by the veterinarian who performed the surgery. The photo is of Clover during her surgery right after the cable was removed.

Click to view other Tooele animal shelter photos. WARNING! Graphic photos!

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