Stop allowing companies / trailers to use Jump scares for marketing

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Jump scares have been used in the promotion of horror movies for a long time. Its the “shock tactic”, it usually gets people talking about it. 

Some people like them, some people don’t, but what if i told you that jump scares could kill people? 

I have a heart condition called Long QT Syndrome. Long QT syndrome is an electrical disturbance in the heart, so it takes longer for my heart to recharge after each beat. I was born with this condition, so it won’t go away. Being “startled” or “jump scared” could have serious affects on me. It could potentially cause a dangerous arrhythmia called Torsades De Pointes, which has the potential to lead to sudden cardiac arrest and potentially death

Last year, the movie “The Nun” garnered worldwide attention for its shocking teaser trailer which was intended to scare people as much as possible, and it worked. People were talking about it everywhere, it went viral very quickly. The movie trailer was taken down by youtube after numerous complaints. 

Today, i was scrolling through instagram stories, just watching what one of my favourite instagram influencers was up to today. She got a delivery of new clothes, did a haul and showed getting her nails done. Her stories were over and it was getting ready to switch to the next persons stories (it automatically switches when viewing from the home feed). Instead of going to a story, it went to an ad. S

Picture this: i’m watching a girls day, very pleasantly. Then all of a sudden i see a jump scare and hear loud screaming on an ad for a horror streaming service named “shudder”.

Well, it worked. The unsuspecting ad got my attention. But it also made my heart feel like it was racing out of my chest at 100 miles per hour.

As you can imagine, it wasn’t very fun. 

I have no issues with ads that have suspense and then a jump, because these give you warning not to continue watching it. You can usually tell when a trailer contains this type of content. 

But marketing solely with a jump scare, intended to scare you into talking about it and giving you absolutely no warning before it happens - should simply not be allowed. 

It isn’t just heart conditions that can be affected by this content, it is also people who suffer with PTSD, anxiety, panic attacks, and simply people who do not like them. 

I know with my heart condition i cannot avoid every jump or every loud noise, its impossible. But i feel like this type of marketing should not be allowed. 

Its irresponsible and dangerous. 

I appreciate any support on this petition.