Stop Ag-Gag Laws in South Australia

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Amy Meyer was outraged. She saw a cow, still alive, being pushed by a bulldozer as if it was nothing more than rubble. Like what anyone else will do, she filmed it. Meier later found herself prosecuted by Utah's new ag-gag law. Under this law, whoever films an act of animal cruelty can be declared a terrorist. If you think this ls the most ridiculous law you have ever heard of, you are what many Australians think. But little do most Australians know, it is heading straight for us. And its first target is South Australia.

On the 5th of June 2014, South Australian minister Gail Gago introduced the Surveillance Devices Bill 2014. Authough it dosn't specifically state the term, 'Ag-Gag', the bill is consstant with US Ag-Gag laws. If this bill is legalised, animal rights activists will not be allowed to film on the cruelest practices on farms across the state.

Have you seen videos of hens confined in battery cages or dogs in puppy farms? (If not, you should better watch these) If Ag-Gag is approved, all these videos will be considered illegal. Nobody will be able to see the devastating cruelty in factory farms. These laws serve no purpose other to widen the already expanding gap between humans and other animals

If the South Australian government approves Ag-Gag, it will most likely start a chain reaction that will cause the states of New South Wales and Victoria to legalise this law too. Nobody will have the right to see where their food comes from. Nobody will be exposed to the horrifying effects of animal cruelty. No progress. Innocent lives will be wasted. Just to protect those who abuse animals in the first place. Do you want this to be the future of Australia? Please sign the partition and help put a end to this!

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