Stop Adani Coal Mine: Save Forest and Habitat for Endangered Elephants in Chhattisgarh

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In times when the world is working towards increasing green cover, Forest Advisory Committee under the Ministry of Environment (Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan) has given clearance to removing forest cover so that a capitalist can mine coal.

The biodiversity-rich forest land in central India spans 170,000 ha (hectares). Of this, 841.538 ha of biodiversity-rich forest land, about the size of 800 football fields, has been cleared for mining.

In our greed to generate more capital, we should not forget that we're not only losing an incredible forest reserve in our country, but this also goes directly against what our steps should be towards dealing with climate change.

More than 7 out of the top 10 most polluted cities in the world are already in India and such events will only make it worse. This area is also a habitat for many tribes and elephants that are already endangered.

We need to find other creative and productive ways of making money and stop this clearance.

Save Chhattisgarh Forests; Habitat for Endangered Elephants

Image: Wildlife Trust of India