Stop Adam the film from going to theaters

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Adam the movie. It is a film adaptation of a terrible book. A quick summary of the book is: A cis man falls in love with a lesbian. So he fakes being a trans man. Then has a relationship with her. They have a fall out and break up. Then she goes and dates a cis man right after that. Which is implying that once a lesbian dates a man she is “cured” from being attracted to women. Which is very untrue. This movie is putting down trans men as not being real men. By implying that a lesbian would date a trans man. Which isn’t true, because a lesbian only finds WOMEN sexually or romantically attractive. This movie puts down Lesbian and Trans culture. Which the LGBT+ community does not tolerate. Please help me and the rest of the community stop a very terrible movie from coming out.(If you would like more info on the book please look up #boycottAdam on instagram)