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I recently took my 4 year old black lab Panda to get groomed at Karens Pet Grooming in Joliet, IL. My goal was just to get her washed, nails cut and shaved. I've never been to this place before & was told by someone it was priced very good. Plus Panda is the sweetest puppy ever, there's no way other dogs or strangers would be an issue. So when I went into the store and the lady at the front desk didn't even look at me or my dog I was a little nervous. She asked her name, what I wanted done and that was it, she took her back and I went to run some errands. About 3 hours later I got a call telling me she was done BUT a blood vessel had popped in her eye because she was trying to "pull away from the blow dryer". Now, I'm not a dog expert but I'm pretty sure she has NO issues with pulling away when she feels safe and since when does that become an outcome?! If shes pulling so much why didn't she STOP blowdrying her?!

Regardless, I went to pick up Panda & after seeing her blood shot eye, reluctantly paid and walked out. As soon as I got home I started to read some more reviews and not only did I find the worst stories, I was later told some by my own friends. According to my research and friends Karen has returned dogs to their owners with cut up ears, bleeding nails, broken legs, and popped knees. Past employees have even wrote that they regularly beat the animals to make them listen, the better business bureau gave them a D on a scale from A to F because they refuse to comment on the accusations of animal abuse. It is my fault for not doing all of this research first but it is a well known place so I didn't think too much of it. I know better now and would REALLY appreciate if you would PLEASE sign my petition to shut down this business and stop all other animals from being hurt at this awful place. Thank you SO much.

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