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Petitioning Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Stop a New Oil Pipeline Across the Midwest - Deadline June 6


Big Oil companies are pulling out all the stops to flood the State Department with messages calling on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to permit a new tar sands oil pipeline.

We only have just hours left to fight back before the public comment period ends. 

The proposed Keystone XL pipeline would cross pristine land in six states and put over 2 million Americans' drinking water at risk.

Moreover, when TransCanada proposed the first Keystone pipeline, Keystone 1, they estimated that it would ONLY leak once every seven to eleven years. But they neglected to include the pipeline's pumping stations, which have already sustained 11 reported spills in the last year! 

Now Big Oil wants the State Department to allow the SAME company build a new pipeline so it can pump even more tar sands oil deeper into our country. Tell Secretary Clinton to put our health and safety first, not Big Oil profits.

Letter to
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
I am writing to ask that you please consider the impact that the Keystone XL tar sands oil pipeline will have on local communities and the Americans who live there. As a country, I believe strongly that we should invest in green transportation solutions and long-term energy sources other than oil.

I urge you to take these steps before making a decision about the pipeline:

-- Give local communities that would be impacted by the pipeline an opportunity to attend local public hearings and weigh in and ask questions before State issues a final environmental impact statement. Families living near these pipelines deserve a voice.

-- Make certain the State Department is prioritizing the health and safety of people like me first – not the profits or lobbyists of foreign pipeline companies.

-- Carefully analyze the global warming consequences of spreading tar sands throughout the United States. Is this a strategically sound decision that moves us closer to a cleaner, safer energy future for America’s children?

-- Fully grasp the corrosive nature of tar sands oil so we can avoid a devastating spill near families and communities.

I have grave concerns about the Keystone XL pipeline – please do all you can to ensure the health and safety of the people who will have to live near it, and build a smarter long-term energy strategy for our country.


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