Stop a Builder's Proposal to Construct 400 Homes at the PW Pkwy & Liberia Ave

Stop a Builder's Proposal to Construct 400 Homes at the PW Pkwy & Liberia Ave

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Jen Gettys started this petition to Prince William County Planning Commission and

Updated November 11, 2020:

A builder wants to purchase 92+ acres of land at Prince William Parkway (PWP) and Liberia Avenue (the Kline Farm). Their plan is to build 250 homes (120 stacked townhouses (aka "condominiums"), 74 townhouses, and 56 single family homes), but that will require significant modification to the land's Prince William County (PWC) zoning, which currently only allows for homes to be built on 10 acre lots. The builder also wants to incorporate 145,000sq.ft. of commercial space to include a CVS and other retailers (businesses unknown). The builder would also leave ~24 acres undeveloped for public recreational/institutional uses to be built by the county.

This plan causes numerous concerns:

- To those of us who live here, it is irrefutable that the surrounding roads simply cannot handle the additional automobile traffic that these homes will produce (estimate: ~11,500 weekday trips per day). The builder has proposed to widen the PWP, make triple left lanes by the Harris Teeter, and add lights to surrounding roads. However, many of us are concerned about the safety issues this raises for cars and pedestrians. Additionally, it does not address other significantly impacted roads: Other portions of Liberia Ave., Route 28, Wellington Road, Yates Ford Road, and the town of Clifton.

- It will significantly change the rural landscape of this section of PWC. In addition to the many homes that would be built on little to no lots, there are already plenty of businesses on Liberia Avenue and Wellington Road- more of the same is not desired.

- Nearby residents are concerned about potential impacts on their well water.

Home values: Many are concerned that increased housing options in this area will reduce demand and drive home values down.

Schools: The school board issued a statement in October 2019 voicing its opposition to the plan.

- Will local response teams (firefighters, police, ambulances) be prepared to handle the large number of additional residents?

- What environmental impacts might a plan of this magnitude impose (not only the construction impacts and well water concerns, but what about our air quality with significantly more vehicle trips per day, and what about the Occoquan Watershed)?

- If the county's Comprehensive Plan would allow for such development (and more), then the plan is not reflective of what the county's residents desire and should be amended rather than relied upon for making this decision.

While the builder has tried to offer reassurance on many of the items of concern above, residents remain highly concerned. It seems inevitable that something will eventually be built on this land: We would ask that the zoning either remain the same, or be modified to accommodate 1-5 acre residential lots on the entire 92+ acres.

If the builder’s plan does not align with your future vision of this section of PWC, please get involved in one or more ways:

1. Sign this petition. 

2.  Attend the Board of County Supervisors' Public Hearing when it is rescheduled; please refer back to this page for updates. Attending this hearing is the most impactful way our community can stop the over-development of this land.

Here is our chance to stop this plan from going forward: many of us will feel regret for not acting if we see bulldozers plowing through that land, watch 250 homes and hundreds of thousands of square feet of needless retail space being constructed, and endure further congestion on our already overly burdened roads. Thank you in advance for your support.


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0 have signed. Let’s get to 10,000!
At 10,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!