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Stop 3 Billion in US military aid for Israel's illegal occupation of Palestine

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As our federal government faces unprecedented debt and is planning on slashing funding for many of our domestic programs, 3 billion dollars annually is being sent to Israel in the form of military aid. Proposed budget language calls for cutting of funding to Habitat for Humanity, Americorp, the EPA a among many others.  These programs could be saved by instead cutting our military aid to Israel which supports illegal settlement of Palestinian land and aparthied treatment of Israel's non-Jews.

The international community has deemed Israel's continued wall building and settlement activities in Palestine are illegal under international law.  Yet the USA continues to use its position on the UN Security Council to veto condemnation of Israel's actions and instead sends them billions in aid. The US has used its veto 10 times since 2000, nine of which involved backing the Israeli side in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. ( According to the Congressional Research Service : For FY2011, the Obama Administration requested $3 billion in FMF to Israel. According to the State Department’s FY2011 budget justification for Foreign Operations, “U.S. assistance will help ensure that Israel maintains its qualitative military edge over potential threats, and prevent a shift in the security balance of the region. U.S. assistance is also aimed at ensuring for Israel the security it requires to make concessions necessary for comprehensive regional peace.” (

Israel showed its "military edge over potential threats" during the 2009 bombardment of Gaza which included targeting schools and UN buildings and indescriminant killing of civilians.  The offensive, called Operation Cast Lead, was launched December 27 2008 and ended January 17 2009 with a cease-fire. Of the 1,453 people estimated killed in the conflict, 1,440 were Palestinian, including 431 children and 114 women, a U.N. report recently said. The 13 Israelis killed included three civilians and six soldiers killed by Hamas, and four soldiers killed by friendly fire, it said.In addition, Israel has not allowed building materials into Gaza since the conflict.  Its actions during this conflict have been condemned by the international community.  Including disproportionate use of force and illegal use of flaming phosphorus in heavily populated areas. (

It is time we stopped allowing our tax money to fund these illegal human rights abuses. Tell our government to stand up to the Jewish lobby and respect the fair treatment of global citizens regardless of religion as a basis of democratic society by cutting off military aid to Israel. We need to stand up for human rights and demand wise use of our tax dollars at home.

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