Petition Closed

[This petition is specifically for citizens in the State of Illinois.] 

Our elected officials need to Stop Taking Our Programs, specifically human service programs.  These programs are critical to the health, safety and welfare of inviduals and local communities will bare the financial burden of care should proposed budget cuts occur.

The Executive and Legislative branches of government should work in partnership with one another.  A cooperative spirit is sorely needed for measures that will sustain human lives.  The most creative and effective solutions often arise from desperate need, but elected officials must first have an unyielding hope and an unrelenting determination to do better than what is thought possible.  To lessen the magnitude of human tragedy, both branches of government must resolve to work in tandem with one another.

Sign the petition, make some phone calls and write some letters urging the Governor, Senators and Representatives to Stop Taking Our Programs!  They belong to the citizens of Illinois and should be preserved at all costs. 

Letter to
Illinois State House
Illinois State Senate
Illinois Governor
Each of you are faced with a historically difficult task and each of you bear the responsibility of finding a way out of our present financial crisis. This must weigh heavy upon your hearts, both professionally and personally. We appreciate you and the enormity of the task that is before you. Even though there are different beliefs about what the state needs to do to right itself financially, keep in mind the obligation the state has to all citizens, including those with and without medicaid or other means of health care insurance.

Decisions about the human service budget are quite possibly the most important decisions of your career. This is not because you run the risk of not being re-elected or because you may gain the approval or disapproval of your respective political party. This is because the decisions that you are making will affect millions of people. Millions of people will have their lives sustained or debilitated based on decisions you make about the human service budget and as a result, some lives will thrive and some lives will end.

Few of us will ever make decisions that have the capacity to either make life better or worse for millions of people. We want you to know that we, those who advocate for those not positioned to advocate on their own behalf, are counting on you to choose wisely as you cast your vote on behalf of so many. There has to be a way to do this that allows for fiscal responsibility without raping our own vulnerable citizens. Please prayerfully consider your vote today and during the next several weeks. We expect better budgeting solutions that will meet the health, safety and welfare needs of persons dependent upon human services.