Speed reduction on Centreville Rd, Stone Mills, ON

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For MANY years, the residence of Centreville Rd, Centreville, ON have been seeking to reduce the speed limit of 80 km/hr on this long stretch of road through Centreville that is utilized by many as a thoroughfare from #41, #27 & #4  to other areas of Stone Mills and Rural Ontario. 

The road has several blind spots due to hills and also narrow in areas making it very unsafe for motorists, animals and pedestrians. A report has been submitted to the Township detailing the number of reported accidents on this road, and the numbers are significantly  higher than other areas reported. 

This item has gone before council on more than one occasion and continues to be declined. Many will remember the late Mr. Orr creating a petition like this one approximately 4 years ago, he didn't have any success either. Why is our current council so resistant in reducing the speed limit?

In 2017 council voted in favour of painting a centreline down the portion of Centreville road between #27 & #4. What we've discovered is much more than painting a line. The construction company has removed the majority of the hills that have caused blind spots in this area, with the exception of the worst blind spot near 1631 Centreville Rd. The road repairs are welcomed and appreciated, however our fear now is that the speeding on this road will increase due to the ease drivers will now have navigating this flat stretch of road. Centreline painted or not. 

Please join your fellow residents of Stone Mills in signing this petition asking the current council to approve a reduction in the speed on Centreville Rd to ensure a safer environment for it's residents, visitors, and animals. 

Thank you - 
Residents of Centreville Rd. 

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