Save Goldenhill (former golf course)! Make it a Nature Reserve with areas for recreation.

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The large and beautiful 120 acres of the former Goldenhill Golf Course is used by a large variety of wildlife as well as local residents and visitors to the area. Unfortunately it is under threat of becoming an 18-hole golf course again in the next few months; if this happens the many residents who enjoy it will lose access and it will be detrimental to wildlife. At a recent public meeting regarding the future of the golf course all residents supported it becoming an area for wildlife (nature reserve) along with set areas for recreation. Despite this the deal with the golf investor is going ahead - please sign the petition to demonstrate again that we don't want this, and we request a further meeting exploring the options available, with The Woodland Trust and others involved.

Further information about this petition and the concern:
  • There are already a large number of golf courses in and close by to our area for those who enjoy golf to go to.
  • A nature reserve with areas for recreation along with re-opening the shop and café would create a truly beautiful and desirable place to go, that would benefit the majority of people and the environment and still bring money in, which appears to be the priority for the council. 
  • If it’s just a golf course, the only benefits are to golfers, who already have many courses to choose from in and around the local area. 
  • In the years since Goldenhill Golf Club closed, it has been used widely by a large variety of species of wildlife, including herons, a family of swans, birds of prey, bats (who may be roosting in the clubhouse), rabbits, foxes, owls and more. Additionally, it has been enjoyed by the local residents and visitors to the area, who wish to connect with nature and enjoy fresh air away from busy roads and urban areas. It has been used for walking, fishing, running and biking by residents and visitors. It is a large, beautiful area of 120 acres in the middle of several housing estates with thousands of houses; a natural green space such as this is needed by the community and wildlife far more than another golf course. 
  • If it becomes a golf course again this valuable, natural space will be lost to the many residents and it will be detrimental to the wildlife there. With most species of wildlife in the UK facing serious declines due to loss of habitat, we need to support them wherever we can and create this nature reserve.
  • We need to strive to have as much of a balanced ecosystem as possible, we need to plant as many trees and other vegetation as possible to help the drainage on the course, to help with air pollution (Stoke on Trent has been revealed as having among the worst pollution in the whole of the UK) and we need to encourage people to use the natural spaces for the good of their health and happiness (There are many studies which reveal connecting with nature is good for physical and mental health), including this recent report: “This report highlights how nature makes a real difference to the quality of people’s daily lives.” - Alan Law, Natural England’s Chief Strategy and Reform Officer.
  • To enjoy a similar place, residents need to travel by car for at least 20-30 minutes. The closest pace like it nearby is Bathpool, but that has narrow pathways, is smaller and yet is really busy because people want to go to these natural places. 
  • At a recent public meeting to discuss the future of the golf course with Councillor Jack Brereton, the clear message from the residents was that they want it to be a beautiful nature reserve with public access and light recreation (walking, fishing, biking and running; one member suggested a smaller 9 hole golf course as a compromise and other ideas included the old driving range to be turned into an area for tennis along with a section for a BMX pump track, plus a mountain biking trail around the perimeter). Sadly, despite these feelings, the deal with the golf investor is going ahead. The council have said the area needs to make money, but once some dedicated areas for recreation are created, the shop and café re-opened, it will be making money. This can be done and needs to be explored properly. We  strongly urge the council to reconsider this becoming an 18 hole golf course again and request a further meeting to look at the options seriously. 

 Thank you.